Troubled Bauhinia seedlings.

Adelaide, Australia

Hi, I have had no trouble in propagating bauhinia seeds but find that at about the 12" stage they dry up and die. They survived our cool winter in Adelaide ( Australia, I put the seedlings in my mini hot house ) but when brought out into the summer weather (in the shade), they have struggled. Do they require acid soil? I know they do better in the tropics but the seeds I collected are from around Adelaide and they were quite mature trees.I don't know what species they are but I have planted seeds from both a white and a pink . Any tips would be greatly appreciated . I have been trying now for 3 years to no avail Anita

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I would suggest posting your question in the beginner gardening forum: This forum is for discussing the new garden showcase feature, so you'll get more help on gardening problems in the other forum.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

I agree with ecrane. It is the right place to find your answers... Find your favorite forums, share and grow!

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