Lily Group Buy from ADR for mid-atlantic spring swappers

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

***UPDATED 5 FEB *** This is becoming one lengthy post, but just take the time to read through it, and Dmail me if anything doesn't seem right.

Heya! I'm looking at some lilies for spring delivery. I've ordered daffodils from ADR bulbs in the past and been extremely pleased with both price and size/quality. They are a wholesale company, but I talked them into giving me access for the purpose of doing group buys like this. :-)

UPDATE: we are now putting together a group purchase (I'll order for all of us) from Bleek's Touch of Nature Sale, also. See Post on this thread or Dmail me to let me know what you want from him

Looks like we should get them in time for distribution at the spring swap, which will be in NJ the Saturday after Mother's Day. Too many distractions here, so I do not want to ship! If you can pick them up from me in Frederick, or if you will be at the spring swap, then please jump right in. If you can make other arrangements, that's fine... maybe you can talk somebody else into picking them up for you, or even have somebody pick them up and ship them to you -- you'd pay postage, of course.

We need to purchase in trays of 25 from ADR. (edited 1/5) Our initial selections have been pretty well sold out, but if there's something you really want, ask on the thread anyway. We've been known to juggle numbers! Also, please nominate other varieties for consideration, if you wish. If at least 2 people are interested in a lily, or if one person wants at least a dozen, we'll put it on the list and see who else is interested. I won't order until most of the 25 bulbs of a variety have "sold," so "talk up" your favorites!

List of varieties from ADR (as of 6 Feb)
Asiatic Hybrid Lilies: 'Elodie', 'Dimension'
Oriental Hybrid Lilies: 'Deep Impact' , 'Sorbonne', 'Lake Michigan', 'Tiny Oriental 'After Eight', 'Casa Blanca', 'Stargazer'
OT Hybrid Lilies: 'Bonbini', 'Conca d'Or', 'Holland Beauty', 'Satisfaction', 'Candy Club'

The prices vary from one variety to the next, looks like between $25 and $30 per lot of 25 bulbs, plus shipping. I want to keep the math simple and use an average price of $1.20 per bulb. This is a huge savings over the retail prices I've been seeing, which are generally 2 to 4 times that . (edited 2/5 to say shipping is now free! I'm keeping the price at $1.20 for now so we have a "buffer" for this order. The price per bulb is now the same whether you're ordering 1 or 3 or 5, but people ordering the most bulbs will be first in line if there are any extra bulbs at the end. I will work out the "actual cost" numbers at the end of the sale; you may get a little back, or an extra bulb, or we'll put some extra bulbs on the gift table at the swap. I'll do my best to resolve everything fairly.)

These bulbs are pretty much all sized at 16 to 18 cm (like a big daffodil bulb), although a couple are 14-16, and the Asiatics seem to be mostly 12-14 cm. The information I've found says this size should produce 5 to 7 blooms per stem. I've picked some of the biggest varieties out there to start with, and they should all have very sturdy stems and excellent "substance" (thick petals).

If there is interest, we might also look at adding gladiolus bulbs. The best deal I found (and easy to handle) is on their large-flowering mix: 20 bags of 50 corms each, mixed, for $6 per bag (including shipping). If 50 seems like a lot, bear in mind that each corm produces 1 stem, and you can plant them at staggered times (through July) to extend the flowering period. I have some that I planted deep, and they return each year without being lifted fall, but your mileage may vary. (There was interest, and you can share in a small order of glads at this thread:

If this turns into a really big order, I may need PayPal in advance (which would add 30 cents + 3% to your total), or payment at the "Think Spring!" seed swap next month. I'll Dmail your total and let you know about payment. The main thing with any money issue is -- keep me in the loop!

You can find photos here: or by googling the variety name. I'll try to add some links as time allows.


supplier: ADR bulbs
also our own Bleek at Touch of Nature:

price per bulb (including shipping): $1.20

(edited 1/29 to say there will be some $ and/or some leftover bulbs at the end of the sale, as they have offered our group FREE SHIPPING. Adjustments will be made at the end of the sale.)

other details: Oriental and OT ("orienpet") hybrid lilies, "precooled" for spring planting, 16-18 cm bulbs for MOST, please note a couple of varieties are smaller.

To order, please post the variety you want with the number of bulbs in front of the name. Post each variety on an different line, to make sure I don't miss any.
5 Lake Michigan
3 OT Bonbini

Posting doesn't guarantee you'll get them, as we have to make it come out in even lots of 25 bulbs per variety. (I can order 50, but not 32 bulbs of one kind)


(25 0) 'Elodie' 12/14 cm bulbs
3 Critter, 3 Roses., 3 Aspen., 3 Holly., 5 Donner, 5 SSG, 3 Happy

(25 0) 'Dimension' 12/14 cm bulbs, deep velvety ruby-red (on initial order)
3 Terp, 5 Holly, 5 SSG, 5 Aspen, 2 Gita, 5 Roses

**the above Asiatic lilies have been ordered at the end of January. You can still inquire about them, as we may be able to juggle numbers. Additions ordered Feb. 11 are listed below**

(25 7) 'Dimension' second bag of 25 (ordered Feb 11)
15 Donner, 3 Critter

ORIENTAL HYBRID LILY VARIETIES (available number in parentheses)

(25 0) 'Deep Impact' : 16/18 cm bulbs, red-pink with thin bright white edge (on initial order)
6 critter, 3 aspen, 3 Holly, 5 Donner, 5 SSG, 3 Happy,

(25 0 ) 'Sorbonne' : 14/16 cm bulbs, pink-lavender with thin white edge, seems to be a favorite pink in reviews (on initial order)
6 Critter, 3 Aspen, 5 Holly, 5 Donner, 3 Terp, 3 Happy

(25 0) 'Lake Michigan' : 16/18 cm bulbs,white bloom blushing to magenta on tips (on initial order)
6 Critter, 3 Aspen, 2 Gita, 5 Donner, 3 Terp, 3 Happy, 3 Roses

(50 5) Tiny Oriental 'After Eight' : a genetic dwarf developed for pot culture, it looks to me like a miniature 'Star Gazer'. (25 ordered initially, 25 more ordered Feb 11)
15 Critter, 5 Aspen, 10 Donner, 5 Holly, 10 Happy.

(25 0) Casa Blanca' : 16/18 cm bulbs, white, an extra-fragrant classic ((on initial order)
6 Chantell, 5 Donner, 5 Sos07, 3 Terp, 3 Happy, 3 Marlene

(25 0) 'Stargazer'' : 16/18 cm bulbs, white & pink & cranberry, an extra-fragrant classic (on initial order)
(15) Critter, 5 Donner, 5 Happy,

**the above Oriental lilies have been ordered at the end of January. You can still inquire about them, as we may be able to juggle numbers. Possible additions are listed below**

(25 0) 'Stargazer'' 2nd bag ordered Feb. 11
5 (to 10) Chantell, 10 Donner, 3 (to5) Critter, 7 Happy

(25 0) 'Acapulco'' ordered Feb 11
12 Critter, 3 Roses, 3 Chantell, 3 Aspen, 4 Happy

OT HYBRID LILY VARIETIES (available number in parentheses)

(25 2)'Bonbini' : 16/18 cm bulbs, white with unique star pattern at throat
6 Critter, 3 Roses, 5 Aspen, 1 Sos07, 3 Terp, 5 Happy

(25 0) 'Conca d'Or' : 16/18 cm bulbs, white and gold
3 Critter, 3 Roses, 2 Gita, 5 Holly, 5 Donner, 1 Sos07, 3 Terp, 3 Happy

(25 0) 'Holland Beauty' 16/18 cm bulbs, cream edge, pink-red center. One of the newer hybrids from the tet Black Beauty, featured on the cover of B&D Lily's 2009 catalog.
6 Critter, 5 Aspen, 5 Holly, 1 Sos07, 3 Terp, 5 Happy

(25 0) 'Satisfaction' : 16/18 cm bulbs, pink-red with yellow throat. Said to be sturdy enough to not need staking! Hart's favorite, as I recall.
9 Critter, 5 Aspen, 5 Chantell, 1 Sos07, 5 (or4) Happy

**the above OT lilies have been ordered at the end of January. You can still inquire about them, as we may be able to juggle numbers. Possible additions are listed below**

(25 0) 'Candy Club' wide white edges and bright red-pink make a striking combination. Add great, sturdy stems, and fragrance -- wow!
6 Critter, 3 Chantell, 5 Holly, 5 Donner, 5 Aspen, 1 Sos

(25 7)OT Conca d'Or second bag
10 Donner, 3 Chantell, 5 SSG

PHLOX & ASTILBE -- we're testing the waters by ordering two sets (bags of 25) of ADR's bare root perennials along with the lilies. Order will be placed when the next round of lilies is ordered

25 7 Tall Garden Phlox 'David' -- well known white variety, very tough and (relatively) mildew-resistant. sun to partial shade
12 Critter, 3 SSG, 5 Happy, 5 Gita

25 0? Astilbe 'Ostrich' -- famed for its graceful, arching white blooms.
12 (up to 25) Aspen, 3 SSG, 10 Happy?


Oriental Rose Lily Fabiola (double rose pink flowers)
Critter, Aspen, Terp

Oriental lily 'Salmon Star'

Oriental 'Hotline' (that pink picotee edge reminds me of the edge on 'Eyeliner'!)
1 set (3 bulbs) Critter, 1 set (3 bulbs) Happy

3 Oriental Double 'Magic Star' 2/$6
Critter (3 bulbs), ? (3 bulbs)

1 Lily Oriental Pot Farolito

4 Rubrum Uchida (pink species lily with old fashioned recurved petals like Black Beauty).
1 (2) Aspen, 1 1/2 (3)Critter, 1 1/2 (3) Donner

1 OT hybrid 'Robina'

3 Lily rubrum 'Black Beauty'
1 set (3) Critter, 2 sets (6 bulbs) Donner,

3 Lily Tiger 'Pink' 4 for
3 sets: 9 bulbs Critter,3 bulbs Aspen

still need to order for Chantell:
1 set Trumpet 'Regale'
1 set OT 'Red Dutch'

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Thumbnail by critterologist
Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

I'd like

3 Holland Beauty

3 Bon Bini

Would be interested in Elodie and Conca D'or if we go further.

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

I like all of them. Put me down for 5 of each variety. As you get other requests, I can be flexible by either going up or down for any of the varieties to make the counts work out to an increment of 25.

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Critter et al,

The Spring Swap 2013 is Sat. May 18th at Jan's in New Jersey

(The Sat after Mothers Day)

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I like , in order of preference:

2--"Lake Michigan"
2--"Conca d' Or"
2--"Pink Mystery".

"Lake Michigan" is my favorite; The 6 total can be a mix of these three. However it works out.


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Oh, and I remember somebody mentioning 'Eyelash', an Asiatic hybrid... ADR doesn't have that one this year.

Gita, I'll just put you down for 2 'Lake Michigan' for now, OK? Or did you want more? We are not adding more varieties just yet, although I'm sure we'll be able to add some once we fill these first lots.

FWIW, these prices make it affordable to plant in clumps of 3 or 5. When you buy a potted lily in bloom, there are almost always multiple bulbs in the pot (and most likely smaller bulbs than these). A clump gives you several bloom stalks, and you can support the blooms (if needed) easily by putting a single stake or bamboo pole in the center of the clump or even just gently tying the stalks together with a big loop of twine.

That small discount, btw, applies to 5 bulbs of 1 variety... because buying in multiple of 5 makes counting & packing easier! :-)

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Thanks, Coleup!

I'm not sure if there will also be a "southern mid-Atlantic" swap this year, but we'll see how it works out. Instead of another swap as such, I may offer some kind of workshop day plus lily pickup the Saturday before Mother's Day... so if you can make it to Frederick that day (or another day), feel free to order even if you won't be at Jan's on May 18.

(Aspen-Terri -- do you want to road trip together to Jan's? Looks like Salem, NJ is 2 1/2 hours from me via Baltimore and 3 1/2 hours via York/Lancaster)

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Well--then you can put me down for 5 of the "Lake Michigan". Looks the most like the "Honeymoon" I had.
I do want about 5 bulbs. Two would not be worth it...

Just thought if you had odd numbers of requests of what people wanted--I would not be picky to have
6 bulbs of a mix of the three I like. Like--to fill out the numbers.
Likewise--if you are 2 short of a certain variety to make 25--let me know and I may take the few needed to round it out.


Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Yes - road trip to Jan's sounds good to me!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

OK, Gita! I'll put you down for 5 'Lake Michigan', and you can decrease it to 3 if you want later. And if we do add the Conca d'Or (which seems fairly likely), I'll put you down for 3 or 5 of those, also.

If we start ordering more OT's than "regular" oriental or asiatics, it's possible the average price of a bulb could go up, but we're not talking about big increases. I'll update the top post as we go along, too.

Yay, Terri! I'm already looking forward to it.

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Can you please put me down for the following?

5 Lake Michigan
5 Deep Impact
5 Conca d'Or (if you order this variety)
10 After Eight

Thank you very much!

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

5 Deep Impact
5 Sorbone
5 After Eight
5 Holland Beauty
I could take 10 ea if needed

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

In your original post, it looks like Holland Beauty and Bon bini are no longer on the list - did you drop them or did they accidentally get edited out?

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Whoops! I shouldn't cut & paste after midnight. Thanks, Terri!

Holland Beauty and Bonbini ARE on the list of OT hybrids, and they're stunning!

'Holland Beauty' was on the cover of the 2009 B&D lily catalog (according to their site), so I know it's going to be something special.

I think I have the list at the top updated now. LMK if I missed anything. I also think we're close enough to accounting for the ones I wanted (especially since Holly & I are willing to increase to 10, and really everybody is willing to be flexible to make it "come out right" -- thanks!!).

So, the floor is open for nominations... if 2 people post wanting a variety (or if somebody wants 10 or more), I'll add it to the list and we'll see how it goes. So far, I think we've had 1 vote for 'Elodie'.

I do want to comment that I think the image for 'Satisfaction' on the ADR site doesn't do it justice. Check out its PF page: It's not as "loud" as 'Silk Road' or 'Fresno'.

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

I guess take me off the 'Conca d'Or' - prefer to stay in the pink/lavender shades. But, I'm definitely in for RRR's choice of 'Elodie'.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

You are right it doesn't do it justice. Really like Royal Sunset how about something dark like Dimension.

I would take 5 of the Elodie if you needed me too.

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Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

I have Elodie in my garden. That one, Eyeliner and Black Out get the most ooooohhs and aaahhhhs. I will start some lilies in my youngest grandson's garden. He'll be happy with whatever I buy here.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

OK, dropping 'C. d'Or' for Aspen, adding Elodie... ooh, a double bloom, nice. (3 for Roses, 5 for Aspen, 5 for Holly, 2 (or5) for me).

I think people were just editing to tidy up, but... any changes or additions, please put them in a NEW post on this thread. :-)

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Oh Yeah, I remember Eyeliner that was spectacular.

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

I have no idea how I am going to protect them from deer, but add 5 Elodie for me anyway.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Would LOVE
15 Satisfaction (can decrease if anyone else wants some)

Anyone know if the Tiny Oriental 'After Eight can be put into the ground v pot and if its fragrance is similar to the big boys?

On side note should anyone see a good deal on any of the following please let me know ^_^ 'Silk Road' 'Scheherazade' 'Casa Blanca' (know this is a common one) as well as Lilium regale

Thanks Donner for pointing this thread out to me!!

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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I've got a similar dwarf oriental lily (dang, can't remember the name... Mona Lisa?) that did OK in the ground for a few years... didn't have a powerful scent, though, as I recall. Good sniff to it, but you had to be close.

I'm on the lookout for 'Scheherizade' also... we will see if that or 'Silk Road' ends up on the sale list from Bleek or from ChefMike, and I'll post on this thread about it when I know. I've asked for Scheherizade, and I think both are already considering Silk Road for their sales.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Just a reminder---I did not want 10 Lilies--as you figured out for me.. No room to plant them!
Five-six total is about it. Three of each: Lake Michigan and three of Concha D 'Or.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Gita, that's why I asked you if you wanted 3 of each or 5 of each. I put you down for "5(or3)" to make sure there were 5 reserved for you in case you did want them. I'll change those to 3.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Jill--You wrote:
Gita, I'll just put you down for 2 'Lake Michigan' for now, OK? Or did you want more? We are not adding more varieties just yet, although I'm sure we'll be able to add some once we fill these first lots.
Clarifying here:
Because you said you are "not adding more varieties", just 2 of "Lake Michigan" would not be enough,
I said that you can THEN put me down for just 5 L.M.--since you may not be adding more varieties .
That would be 5 bulbs--and it would be OK. Then more varieties were added--

To make it simpler---at least in my mind--I want no more than 5 or 6 bulbs.
If I can have 3 of Lake Mich. and 3 of Concha D'Or. Six total. That would be OK.

IF you do not have any other variety that i wanted to add to the 3 Lake. Mich.----THEN I will take 5 Lake. Mich. only
I cannot explain it any simpler.
I put down my preferences--2--"Lake Michigan" 2--"Concha d' Or" 2--"Pink Mystery"
believing you would order what we all wanted. Then there's talk about "lots" and "trays of 25"..which throws
each person's choices off. In that case--why would someone choose what they want if it will not be included?

This all is getting too confusing for me....I am not used to these "Group Buys" . May be my first and last.

Maybe it is hard because i want such a small amount. Looking at what other people are ordering--it is 5 of this and 5 of that
and 10 of this and 10 of that.....I cannot do that! brain is tired.....G.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Gita, these lilies come in bags of 25 -- that's 25 bulbs of the same ONE variety per bag. So before a variety is added to the list, there has to be significant interest in it (more than 2 bulbs). We get these really good prices because we are buying in WHOLESALE quantities. I'm just happy we can get good prices on bags of 25... the next lot size is 200 bulbs of a given variety!

I'm starting with a fairly short list and adding more varieties as we go. That way, I know that most of the 25 bulbs in a bag have been spoken for before I see about adding another bag.

That does mean more varieties will be available as we go along. Currently you are down for 3 each of 2 varieties. If another variety is added (one that we as a group are willing to purchase 25 of) that you want, I will let you adjust your order to 2 each of 3 varieties in order to keep your total of 6 bulbs constant.

You asked "why would someone choose what they want if it will not be included?" Because if they say they want a certain variety, and if others are also interested, then we can probably get our total number for that variety to 25, and then I'll add it to the order. I won't order a bag of 25 bulbs because one person wants 2 of them, or I will be "stuck" with 23 bulbs.

That is how "group buys" work. Hope that clears things up for you and anybody else who might be wondering!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

We're doing pretty well with accounting for 25 or nearly 25 of each variety on our list so far.

Repeating what I said above, the floor is open for nominations... if 2 people post wanting a variety (or if somebody wants 10 or more), I'll add it to the list and we'll see how it goes.

So far, Elodie and C. d'Or have been added to our original list of 7 lilies. Other suggestions (with 1 person interested so far) are Pink Mystery, Royal Sunset, and Dimension.

If there's something you really want, but you don't want 25 of them -- talk it up! If enough people want 5 here, 3 there, then we'll add it to the order.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Critter, this would be my first time ever growing lilies. I've stayed way from them due to the price (usually $5 per bulb!), but this is a really good deal!

I'd like 5 Elodie and 5 Deep Impact.

I'm also interested in Dimension.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

SSG, I think you'll be glad you took the plunge! I'm really excited about being able to plant 5 bulbs for the price that I'd pay for a single bulb locally. :-)

Looks like 'Dimension' might be a "go," especially since we don't have a dark one on the list yet... it would be a nice compliment to many. I can see it with my 'Lollipop' Asiatic lilies... maybe I'll try dividing those this year.

I've seen some comments that Asiatic lilies multiply and persist (year to year) better than Orientals. Anybody want to chime in on that?

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Critter, I'm definitely in for 5 Dimension if you end up ordering them. :)

Btw, what grows well with lilies? Do you plant something in front of them to hide their feet? Do you think they'll be good with alliums, phlox, shasta daisies?

And I'd love to do this again in the fall! I need to buy about 100 muscari bulbs. They're doing great in a squirrel- and vole-infested area.

Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

I put my stored dahlia bulbs between the lilies. I don't stake them and they crawl and hide all the cut off lily stems. There are shasta daisies and nicotiana that self seed there. I have half a dozen miniature roses scattered about also. I'll probably place some of the winter sow and inside sow seedlings around. Looks like a flower jungle, but that's what I have grown used to since I started using up every little bit of space to plant in!!!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

SSG, I've been told the fall-planted bulb list will be up at ADR by mid-Feb.

Great suggestions, Roses! I had no idea dahlias would look fine un-staked... now I want dahlias LOL. Next year. This year... annuals like zinnias and nicotiana to fill in around them, I think... Love the look of phlox blooming nearby.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I could squeeze in 2 or 3 of "dimension" as well. Love the color!!

May need to dig something up to do find room for 3 more....
Maybe my Chinese Regale Lilies??? that really did not do well last year--but it was the
first year for them since i dug them up and moved them to a S. facing bed.
This is really a good spot--no tree roots--good soil, sunshine all day.


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I think you probably have to give most plants a year to settle in after you move them... "The first year they sleep, the second year they sleep, the third year they leap." (These bulbs are big, though, and they've been pre-cooled, so I have no worries about them blooming this year.)

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

If you add Dimension to the list, count me in for 5. The darker purple color is nice.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Cool. 'Dimension' should be a "go" then. Let's see if we can bring a few more people into this group, too, although I guess I have between now & the spring swap to "sell off" any leftovers!

I'll catch up on numbers at the top and add 'Dimension' later tonight or tomorrow... I'm using a few computer minutes here & there this evening to get a Gladiolus offer up. :-)

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Gladiolus thread is up! I'll be adding descriptions and links for photos... some are listed individually on the ADR gladiolus page.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Ordering list in the first post has been updated to this point. Let me know if I missed something you wanted!

These bulbs are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. If there's one you really want, and you haven't posted an order yet, don't wait. Most of these bags of 25 are close to selling out. There are 5 left of most varieties, 8 or 10 left of a couple. We might end up getting a second bag of 'Tiny Oriental After Eight' (because it's a miniature and nice in pots, which makes it appealing for more people), but I don't think we'll be able to make an order of 50 for any of the others.

Gita, you now have 2 bulbs each of Lake Michigan, C. d'Oro, and Dimension, so your total is still 6 bulbs. Let me know if you want to increase any of those, while they're still available.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

*** GOOD NEWS ***

Chris at ADR Bulbs is going to let us have FREE SHIPPING on our spring order (lilies and glads) as well as on the fall-planted bulbs!

(Their list of bulbs for fall will be up toward the end of February... there's no thread for that one yet, but I know a lot of folks are interested!)

For now, I can use the discount as a buffer, letting me reserve any variety where we have ordered at least 20 of the 25 bulbs per variety. At the end of this sale, extra money might mean the price per bulb will be less, or we might have leftover bulbs to split between us or to put on the gift/doorprize table for the spring swap.

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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Tomorrow, I'll go ahead and order 1 bag of everything on our list so far, except Bonbini. We may drop OT Bonbini if there's not more interest in it, but don't panic yet if you want it... I think we can keep this open through this coming Sunday, and that's plenty of time for people to find this thread.

Do we have any other nominations for additions to our order?

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