SOLVED: Mystery plant - can you help identify my succulent?

arlington, United States

My inlaws from Florida gave me this plant 3 years ago in a very tiny pot. it had a few leaves and a pink/red flower coming out of it. Since I've received it, keep it outdoors in the spring summer and fall and indoors in the winter. It absolutely hates being a houseplant and sheds all its leaves in the winter. In the summer - i leave it on the hot deck and don't water it and it thrives - and gets a very very thick coat of leaves - very densely spaced together. as you can see - it's shed a bunch of leaves and is yellowing now that it's winter.. and interestingly looks like he wants to flower but it's been that way for 3 months and the flower has not come out. any ideas on how to get it to flower - is it like a poinsetta and I have to keep it in the closet for a few months in the winter?

In the end...sticking him in the hot outdoors seems to make him i'm waiting for when the weather breaks. any ideas on what it is? and what i can do to keep it alive?

Another thought is to regift it to my Florida inlaws...probably make him a happier plant in the long run.

any and all help would be most appreciated...

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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

arlington, United States

wow! thanks for your quick reply. it definitely does sound like my plant from the googling i've done. Is there a chance it's an "iceplant" like aptenia cordifolia? - that was the only other thing i could find that looks similar. I'll assume you're right about K blossfeldiana.

If you don't mind a followup:
1) is this a houseplant someone can care for easily? or is it really something i should give to a warmer climate?
2) do you have any advice on how to get it to bloom?

Delhi, India

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, more comfortable in warmer climate.
Aptenia cordifolia is a much delicate trailing plant with smaller leaves and different flowers.
I am uploading Aptenia cordifolia from Panchkula (Punjab, India) and California for reference.

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Portland, United States

Your kalanchoe plant is easy to care for indoors. It needs fairly bright sun, and light watering only. Feeding will encourage growth and bloom.

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

As a succulent plant, having moist roots (especially when it's cooler) can be damaging to the roots. The soil looks soggy. Do you have a sunnier spot inside?

arlington, United States

thanks all. i've got it in about as sunny a window as i can survived a few freezes this fall just fine. from the sounds of it...i guess it's more hearty than i thought. so we'll put him out doors as soon as possible. and tell the florida inlaws that i've got a parting gift when they're driving up this spring. thanks all!

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