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Los Angeles, CA

I have had a fiddle leaf fig plant that has been struggling for a few years now. It does not grow and thrive, and I am trying to improve its conditions to see if i can facilitate growth. i had it in a south facing window for a while (watering once every week or two) but then i thought maybe it was not getting enough light, so i moved it outside. then white spots appeared on its leaves! see pics. can someone please advise as to why this happened and if i should move it back in, repot (in a bigger pot?), and keep it in a east-facing window perhaps? that is where i have the best space for it. i would love for this plant to make it. thank you!!!

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

How much sun was it getting when you moved it outside? Indoor light (even from a nice bright window) is nowhere near as intense as the light outside, so if it was in a place that it got any direct sun at all it could have gotten sunburned. If you want to move a plant outdoors, you need to gradually acclimate it to the higher light levels outdoors. The good news is sunburn typically isn't fatal, just a little unsightly. I'm not sure if that's what caused your spots though, looking at the pictures it doesn't look quite like sunburn I've seen on my plants' leaves, but wanted to mention it as a possibility.

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