So much for the greenhouse!

Enid, OK

The new greenhouse was somewhat destroyed by the wind! I think we can save it but I have no idea how we will ever anchor it. There were lots of pots in there with dirt in them...I thought they would have held the thing down. Nope, didn't work, now I have broken pots and dirt everywhere! What a mess!!!!

Fabens, TX(Zone 8a)

Sorry for you and your greenhouse. I had been reading your other post and could tell of your excitment. Hope every thing will work out.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I anchored my "frame" down with 24" cement stepping stones. I put 1 stone on each of the bottom "shelves". I have the back of the greenhouse up against my shed to help protect from the wind.

Monte Vista, CO(Zone 4a)

Disappointment tends to foster paths to better ways, or ingeniousness. I have a feeling that you won't let this stop you. It's just a bump in the gardening road. I have learned a lot with my first greenhouse this winter - will post an update soon in the 55 gallon drum greenhouse thread - and at times it's VERY disappointing to have to learn the hard way. I know now what I have to do for next year, and it's still exciting to plan for and think about. I believe that all things work together for good in the long run, so I remain ever positive and you should, too. Meanwhile, for anchoring youcan get some long metal rods (called rebar or some call re-rod that they use in cement work) at the hardware store or lumber yard, pound them into the ground at an angle, and tie sturdy rope from the greenhouse to the rod. That should keep it in place, if you have anchors on all four corners. It's important to have your greenhouse plastic film as tight as possible so the wind will roll off, instead of catching it like a sail, too. Hang in there, enid, it gets better.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Enid, I can sympathize with you because for the past two years we have had severe damaging winds and blizzards and you name it. In the blizzard my one panel of the greenhouse blew out and the top went off and all my plants (gardenias, jasmine, all tropicals)
were flapping in the snow and wind and I was sure that was the end. Well, we chased the panels in the snow blowing sideways and in the middle of the blizzard my SIL got up on the roof and worked his heart out to save the greenhouse. We did. But, not long after that we put up a wooden wind breaker each Fall to save us from the noreasters and the hurricanes. Today I am having wind problems again and I just checked the door panels because the wind is coming out of the south and those panels could pop. You will find a way but do not give up.
Each little problem just makes you a bigger and better person. I know you do not feel that way today, but I guarantee you will in a few days. I am 84 and I refuse to leave a storm or wind or rain get the best of me. I learned over the years that it makes you stronger when you have to fight to survive. Good luck and God Bless. JB

Madras, OR

I just anchored my greenhouse with ground anchors that screw in to the ground. These were 3' long, and I got them down 30", then tied the corners of the framing to them. We are having wind gusts today, so I am hopeful we will survive

Enid, OK

The greenhouse is still in the garage as of right now. I think we have developed a plan to anchor it but I don't know how well it is going to work. I have to get the area cleaned up first and that of course is going to take a little time.

Colorado County, TX(Zone 8b)

I built heavy bases for both of ours using 6" X 6" P.T. beams & lap-jointed them together (see attached drawing). I then screwed the greenhouse bases directly to the beams.

Both have survived 60 - 80 MPH winds here (pretty close to the gulf coast) without damage.

Thumbnail by w_r_ranch Thumbnail by w_r_ranch
Enid, OK

Wow! If they can take that, then it should work here. Thank you!

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