advice on 4" stove pipe, and 45 degree bends

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We recently bought a Hobbit wood stove ( on Ebay for our tiny house. First of all, we're having trouble finding 4 inch wood stove pipe and parts. Any ideas on where to find that? We've found lots of 4 inch pipe for pellet stoves, but nothing for wood stoves, and the company can't help us much since they're in England.

Also, there are rafters that are in the way of being able to install the pipe vertically. We are planning on going up as high as possible (3 to 5 feet- we'd like to but a wood storage cabinet underneath), then use a 45 to get out of the wall, and another 45 with a double wall insulated chimney to take us up. Has anyone had experience with a similar set-up? Any drafting issues? Our stove is rated to heat about 300 square feet, and our house is 150, so I'm thinking that will be an advantage (bigger temperature/pressure differential, right?)

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I've never looked for 4" stove pipe. If anyone has it, it will be a plumbing and heating supply. I'm not sure exactly what you are proposing. The way I read it is that you are going to run up with stove pipe the out the wall and up. What you are going to have to be careful of clearance above the stove pipe. What I don't like about chimneys with offsets in them is that they are harder to clean. I also wonder about a 4 inch pipe and a relatively long run. A quick glance at the link you posted lists it for cabin boats which would have a short chimney I would think.

These 3 places list it on the Internet.

I don't know how much it would cost you but any good sheet metal place should be able to make you stove pipe. It might not have the snap together seem but that only matters if you are tying to ship it. Stove pipe is nothing but sheet metal of the proper gauge rolled in into the right diameter and seemed with a air tight seem and then crimped at one end. Double wall insulated pipe is a different matter. The other thing you are going to run into is making sure you have enough clearance in such a small space.

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We are having exactly the same problem!! Did you ever resolve your issue? Did you find some insulated stove pipe that is 4 inches?

I see this is an old thread, but it still comes up on google so I thought I would add a bit here. I just went through quite the search for 4 inch stove pipe, but I finally had some success. Here is how!

There were several resellers on ebay with 4 inch stove pipe in the US. I live in canada, and shipping was intense. Also I could not find all the parts I needed on ebay. But I noticed most o the 4 inch stuff was made by imperial manufacturing group, so I googled, them, found a canadian number, and called them. They work with Rona and home depot, and you can order through those stores, but you have to buy 10 at a time! that was not going to work for me, as I needed 2 pipes, and two elbows and one size increaser to attach to the chimney. Then the solution came. I googled some of the actual imperial manufacturing product codes on, and they all came up! with much lower shipping costs and exactly what I needed. Some has arrived already, more is coming. Very excited.

SO tl;dr, go to the imperial manufacturing website, find the product codes of the pipe you need and then search for them on amazon. And your nice mini-woodstove is humming.

PS: I was told you can use galvanized pipe for pellet stove as well, but you need to burn off the galvanization first as it is toxic. It didnt seem like a good option to me.

So happy you made a reply on this! I am going through the same issue right now. 4" pipe hard to find in Canada. Did you increase to 6" outside? How did you find it worked?
Thank you!!

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