sedum rubrotinctum "Jelly Beans" - Red

North Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Hi, I am in need of some Trailing Succulent plants. Jelly Beans is very important but any others would be great.
Can you help me at all?

north coast nsw, Australia

i dont know if i have the ones you mean but i call them jelly bean plants, there a succulent, i dont have any pictures. Let me see if i can google them. Found a pic. I think there a Sedum.

Thumbnail by breeindy
North Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Hi breeindy,

Yes, I would say they are the one's I am looking for.

Do you have some and is there any that you are looking for? I maybe able to help you in some way.

Thank-You so very much.

Look forward to your reply,


north coast nsw, Australia

hi i can pull some out and send to you tuesday if you'd like. D-mail your full name and address. What do you have that you'd swap?

Geelong, Australia

I can send you some leaves of the jelly bean cactus/succulent - didn't buy it by that name but looks like pink jelly beans - I live in victoria so don't know about borders or quarantine / sending it in post- maybe you could let me know if no one else has one you can access - I suppose I could take a photo and send -but it should grow easily rom a leaf( in sand)---- I am always looking for new things / or old ones I haven't seen for a while - happy to swap for something that would grow around Geelong - Cheers Marilyn

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