SOLVED: Another Tree ID Please.


I believe this to be a Maple, but find nothing on maples with this smallness of leaf. The trees stand 60' tall.
I have two of these about 40' from the septic lines. I'm thinking of trenching 30' from the trunks to sever roots.
I need to determine the type so I may learn the root habits.
Would topping maples cause their roots to expand... grow more vigorously?

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Groveland, FL

looks like a red maple to me.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Ditto to Red Maple Acer rubrum



In researching I ran across
I experience non of the samples illustrated, other than the shape of leaves and young-tree bark,

No fall colour change, I waited all summer to see red or at least yellow foliage. Is it that these trees are still too young?

I just went out and I do believe buds are on one and some blossoms on the other. I hope the ice storm and winds didn't damage them.

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

What would be really good is to show more pictures of this plant (and others, in your numerous posts).

The plant does NOT have to have foliage present in order for positive ID to be made - but more information must be presented here in order to do so.

Prune of a branch or two, and bring inside to take decent closeup images. You don't have to suffer through ice storms and freezing winter weather to photo in situ. Even if the cold caused damage, you can still photograph it and present those pictures here.

Take a picture of the whole tree, too!

You really do have a Red Maple there. As you read more about this species, you'll learn that decent fall color is what selections are made for, and run-of-the-mill seedling trees often disappoint with poor autumn coloration.


I have studied a bit and agree this is a Red Maple. The leaves were small. That made me wonder is there was something special here.
The trees stand 60' tall. They are only 40' from the septic lines.

I need to determine the root habits.

Would topping maples cause their roots to expand... grow more vigorously?

I'll try to voice this in the approriate forum.

I'll need to take a walk around to photograph the full shrubs and trees. Later.



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