my black berry patch

Saint Peters, MO

I LIVE IN ST PETERS MO 63376, i have a blackberry patch where when it rains a lot water stands, i lost all my berries, noow i have made a raised bed for my triple crown blackberries and put a drip system out of pvc pipe. by the way my trellis i made from two inch pvc pipe placed every five ft. and six ft. high and four wires. this is the first year to grow and they are about three ft tall. my trellis is ankered at each end, what i want to know is have i done a lot of work for nothing or not i would like to know how much water will my berries need when it gets hot and dry, when my berries are putting on berries through picking time. i have mulched them to keep from freezing and to hold moisture. i do not have any pictures as of yet

Saint Peters, MO

can i get some advice about where to go from here

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Yes. Click on 'communities' at top on the homepage. Next, hit 'forums', and join Vegetable Gardening.

These folk will help you!

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I think you are doing well to improve the drainage in the area. A trellis system is really helpful to keep them under control.
If your area is dry all summer, they will probably need some deep soaking to produce the best fruit.

Clinton, IN

Sounds like you are going strong .I love the triple crowns. Add some fertilizer a couple of times a year, cut the canes out that had the fruit. They say to leave 5 or 6 new canes on each plant, I usually leave about 8. Also trim to about 6 ft. high. The triple crowns put out a lot of runners here, I give a lot of plants away every year. Good luck . Fred

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