House Spiders

Ottawa, Canada

Hey. Been having a huge increase in these spiders lately.. And i often wake up finding bumps on my head, back and chest. They seem to be totally nocturnal - ive caught them in my clothes, climbing up the blankets in the dark, and dropping on me. As far as i know, spiders dont feed off people - though i have very few insects around. They make ballish webs in the corners of my room.. Is there anything i can do too get rid of atleast some of them? I hate killing spiders, despite them biting me. They seem to be the dominant spider in the house, we have cellar spiders in the basement but not as many as these. I have no idea what they could be feeding on, other than me!

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Minot, ND

Yellow sac spider (also known as a prowling spider) in genus Cheiracanthium -
Any aerosol pesticide registered for homeowner use should do.

Ottawa, Canada

I thought that was what it was, just seemed a little pale. Could these guys be the ones taking knicks out of me?

Ottawa, Canada

I read that, but it claims they only bite when threatened

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