Winter Sowing again

East Greenbush, NY

If you read the blog: Getbusygardening (Get Busy Gardening) you will read the opinion that Winter Sowing improves germination plus yield. What's not to like about that? Why doesn't everyone do it for most of their seed? Curious. AnnFran

Staten Island, NY(Zone 6a)

I did winter sow the following lettuce that is already sprouting , also petunias, cornflower snapdragon, zinnias and marigold. Last year was my first with petunias and marigold I did not do too well but, snapdragons were good , I got a few seedlings that transplanted well in my garden

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Ann Fran, I think Winter Sowing is pretty user-intensive for some periods. Lots of people DO use it.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I wintersow here but we don't always see much winter. I find I get excellent germination. I have gone so far as to mark the number of vegetables/herbs seeded on the container and count the seedlings just to see how the germination is... how's that for nuts!?!!

Anyway, one thing I have noticed is not all seeds germinate at the same time so will leave containers sitting after I move the larger plants up to a bigger pot. I will often have some late germinaters. It's a mystery but fascinating to me. If I dump the wintersowing soil into another pot and see volunteer tomato plants, I'll never know which seedlings they were. Thats why I leave the WS containers sit for a while longer.

The downside to wintersowing to me is I start too many seedlings and can't bear to discard them. If I were to go buy plants, I'd only buy what I needed.

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