SOLVED: Fuzzy Succulent

Milwaukee, WI

This plant was only labeled "succulent." When I first bought this fuzzy light green plant it stood up straight and soon after began to droop. I thought it was dying, but it's been living this way since last summer. Not sure if it's supposed to look like this or not because I don't know what it is! As you can hopefully see in the pictures, it has little string-like things growing off the stems. Any help is appreciated!

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San Francisco, CA

it may be Sinningia tubiflora

Municipality of Murr, PA

Hi Ravennevermore,
What you see as little string-like things are aerial rootlets - the plant grows these to get extra nourishment and because it is flopping over. Where they touch the ground they will root and help the plant to spread - a reproduction strategy. They do not harm the plant, and it's okay to let them dry up as long as the rest of the plant looks fine.
This plant looks a little like Kalanchoe eriophylla, a fairly common plant often labeled as "succulent". It does seem to have a drooping or trailing habit.
It may be flopping over because it isn't getting enough strong light (not direct sun) or it could be the above-mentioned Siningia.
I would give it more light (not direct sun) and perhaps a mild fertilizer in the spring and see if it gets greener or blooms.
Kalanchoes have flowers with 4 distinct petals, sinningias have tubular flowers with fused petals of varying numbers.

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

That's funny, while I was looking this up for you someone came along with the same conclusion. Kalanchoe eriophylla.
It does appear to need more sun and you will be able to tell for sure what it is when it blooms.

Milwaukee, WI

I looked up Kalanchoe Eriophylla and I think you guys are right. It seems healthy besides the flopping over. I'll probably repot it in something bigger in the spring. As far as light goes; it always stays on the window sill and gets as much light as it can during these short overcast winter days. Maybe I can take it outside over the summer and that will help.
Thanks for the help!

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