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Built my greenhouse / hoophouse last year and the several inches of wet heavy snow we have received in Northern Michigan has not damaged it a bit. Now I am thinking about getting flower pots & hanging baskets so I can sell in the spring. Just have to figure out what to plant! Really cool site with lots of information.

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Awesome information! Thank you for posting that. I have got some reading to do.

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You are most welcome. Best of luck to you.

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Suggestion, I sold at several of our local Farmers Markets last year. Think about where you are going to sell and tailor what plants you sell to that location. For instance, people come to the Farmer's Market for food so herbs sold well, also tomato starts in Spring. I also new a seller that did well with small flowering plants, colorful, set on the table plants. I didn't sell many hanging plants, even when they were in bloom, don't know why, and the pots were a little more expensive. I buy most of my pots and germination trays from greenhouse megastore, buying online is a good way to save. Make sure and check with your local Dept. of Agriculture, you might need a certificate to sell plants.

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It is great fun growing all your own plants, taking cuttings, buying plug plants that are already germinated and even past the die-back stage BUT, as mentioned above, try to be realistic, IF making up your own hanging baskets, try looking for wholesale companies as individual baskets are not the most cost effective way to go, also only buy good quality pots / baskets ect as by the time you get them potted up, cared for and grown on, you dont want to be embarrassed at the show / market by baskets that are falling to bits or broken.
Also don't skimp on the amount of plants per basket /tub / pot as they look amaturish, people want instant show and to achieve that you want a little bulk planting to hide bare soil.

I have friends who do exactly what you wish to do and go around shows, Fairs and markets scout fete days, school coffee mornings ect but remember, there are hundreds of others doing the same, so make sure you are the most impressive, clean, tidy, well cared for plants and take lots of pictures to show the public how the finished article will look.

Once you know WHAT sells well, WHERE it sells, as some places will differ from area to area, keep your eye's and ears open for cost saving products that you may want by chatting to other sellers at the sales.
The best source I know is by going on line, searching for wholesale suppliers of hoticultural supplies and also Nursery plant suppliers wheo supply say bedding plants sold to pot on, bulk buy of those makes for better savings and IF needed, there are always experts available to offer advice for future customers like yourself.

Believe me, this is a lot of hard work, my friends have a mobile home they drive to sales further afield with, it saves hotel expenses and is easier than driving home or onto other sales same weekend when already too tired.

Do take into account that you will always suffer some losses with your growing plants as the weather dictates the outcome but, with common sense and proper tools / materials to help in extreme fluctuation of temps, (remember your main growing season to be prepared for sale is, from early year, Jan/ Feb for seed planting and March/ April for bilk buy little plant-lets to be potted up, at this time of year you may even still require heating inside your polly tunnel,

I'm sure you are already aware of all the stuff I have mentioned but it's always good to here about others who have gone before and gained the experience.
Some who did it for years have also gave up due to cost and expensive overheads but they appear to be talking about going back to this life again now that even more people are growing there own food, summer bedding plants are great, ready to plant up your own baskets so are looking to plant up several baskets for show only, but with the list of contents to get the same results at home yourself, ofcource they will sell the little plants, maybe that will help, they have met some really nice knowledgeable people over their travels around the country and I guess it becomes a way of life for a few months of the year.

I wish you the very best of luck, take your time and gain experience as you do along, better to have tried than always wondered how you would have made it.

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Welcome to DG and good luck to you.

Elaine and Otis

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You are absolutely the best, no matter where you post a reply!


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O.M.G. you have made me blush Gymgirl, thank you for the compliment but, there are lot's of helping heads on this site to be fare, Even more kind people like yourself so surely that's what we all love about Daves Garden.
Kindest regards WeeNel.

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Michiganfarmer...what are the dimensions of your greenhouse? Create it from scratch or go by a plan?

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