Watering Cycads and Palms zone 9

Los Angeles, CA

Its getting close to the time of year when you start watering cycads and palms. I know there many variables but how often do you water your cycads and how often do water palms. When do you start watering? Just joined the Palm Society and have started collecting a few. I've heard you should water cycads twice a week and I've heard every 10 days. At any rate I know it's getting close the time of year and would appreciate any advice.

noonamah, Australia

Apart from the weather/climate you're in, it would depend on the species of cycads and palms you have.

Hollywood, CA(Zone 9b)

I agree with tropicbreeze, but for Los Angeles in general I wouldn't water outdoor cycads beyond what they get from natural rain until the weather warms up in March/April. Palms depend on the species but unless it is a really dry winter I don't water them beyond natural rain fall either until around the same time.

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

I water most of my smaller palms often (unless they are species prone to rotting from overwatering- rare in my collection) even in winter as we typically go through stretches of hot, dry periods in winter. Chamaedoreas ideally should be watered almost daily. Large, mature palms can easily handle no water most of the winter and though many would appreciate extra water, I prefer not to just to avoid the hassle of watering more than I need to. Cycads should be handled a bit more cautiously, but some (like most Zamias and Ceratozamias) can handle frequent watering all winter long. But I pretty much leave my Dioons, Macrozamias and Encephalartos alone in winter (unless an exceptionally hot, dry winter or potted).

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