SOLVED: Small bushy plant to ID.


Thought these were dead in April. Showed life by late May. Seems to need watering to maintain Greenery.

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That was fast!

But now I'm becoming confused... I was led to believe these 2 photos were of Spiraea... or are they Spiria. I'll have to study up on both.

Btw, in the upper right corner of the second photo, the little tree, is it a GUM tree? Leaves sorta Maple-tree shaped.

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No, no, no.

Those were ID'd as Weigela florida - note the opposite arrangement of foliage. Very different from any Spiraea sp. that you'll ever run across.

The little tree is a Sweetgum seedling Liquidambar styraciflua, NOT a Maple. Again - note the arrangement of foliage. The leaves occur alternately along the stem, rather than opposite as in all things Acer...

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VV, it's cute when you try so hard :)

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Oh ya, I forgot. Opposite vs. Alternate. It`s like the bane of my plant ID.

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Thanks, plantfreak78 - it's my mission in life to convert growin...

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I was born this way.


I need close up photos.
These so far are bushy no more than 15" tall. All branches are tiny, like toothpicks..

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Again - you can post pictures of dormant plants from which contributors here can help confirm the identity of your plant. You can even prune off a stem, bring it indoors on a countertop, and take some closeup images that way.

There are a number of dwarf selections of Weigela florida which have the dense congested stems as you've described. I've got one that I planted ten years ago that is not more than two feet tall - Wiegela florida 'Minuet'.

It's how they roll...

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I love you guys. That is all.


From much searching for a match, Spiraea x bumalda "Flowering Choice" seems a close example of what I have.

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I've never heard of "Flowering Choice". The cultivar 'Little Princess' is more common and much more likely.

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