Tagging Azaleas in garden Showcase

Enterprise, AL(Zone 8b)

I am trying to tag some of my Azaleas in the new Garden Showcase feature, but I can't figure out how Azaleas are to be named? Any guidlines or tips?

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Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Only the obvious... Click to create an album (this probably creates a folder somewhere and stores the pictures in that folder). I did not complete the process but this is what I saw on the instructions:

Remember to at the top of the page

2To fill in important information like your location, budget or type of garden, Edit Garden Details

3Help other gardeners ID a plant in your photo by adding a Tag. This button will open up a larger version of your photo, where you can select and label each plant.

You can also drag and drop thumbnails to change the order of your album or use Cover to select a new photo for the album cover.

My comments: A species azalea like Millie Mac could be labeled something like R (for rhododendron) + species name + 'variety name': R. austrinum 'Millie Mac'. Others could simply be named like Azalea 'Hino Crimson'. By the way, once you click on the Tag Button mentioned above, you will get another window in which your picture is displayed slightly larger in size. This is so you can click on various plants on the same picture and name them all one at a time. In a little window, you can enter the information plus -optionally- a cultivar name (so you can just give it a name like "Mom's Azalea" and no cultivar name). The place where you clicked on the larger picture will show a symbol that, when you hover the cursor above it, will display the information that you entered.


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