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Monthly hortiscope for February

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Gardeners born under the sign of the crocus are likely to save their own seeds, wrapped in bits of scrap paper and stored in a recycled plastic tub. Their natural frugality and self-discipline extends to mundane chores like scrubbing the greenhouse. Waterlilies, figs and willows are among the plants favored by these gardeners, and hold the promise of warmer weather with swelling buds and soft colors. Gardeners born this month are also prone to gardening extremes, with a nearly wild tangled border of plants, or a completely minimalist and meticulously groomed garden.

Famous botanists and gardeners born this month include Dr. George Engelmann, Missouri botanist specializing in viticulture; Augustin Pyramus de Candolle, Swedish botanist; John Lindley, botanist and orchidologist; William Bartram, botanist; Rudolph Jacob Camerarius, German botanist; Charles Darwin, naturalist; Sir Joseph Banks, English naturalist and botanist; E.H. Wilson, botanist; Hugo de Vries, Dutch botanist; Carolus Clusius, Dutch tulip breeder; Ansel Adams, photographer and Caroline Louisa Waring Atkinson, naturalist and writer.

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