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Arlington, TX

With myself for the most part. I had been trying out some carnivorous plant vendors on ebay and had a mostly positive experience so I thought I would try some cactus. Found a seller with a lot of inventory who was doing free shipping. Plants arrived totally dehyrated and somewhat flattened. I mail order a lot of cactus and have never gotten any like these!

Echinocereus rigidissimus rubrispinus - was a nice size but was flattened and still feels pretty soft.
Ferocactus hamatacanthus - small but cheap, very ugly as its damaged and still doesnt appear to have grown any roots after about a month
Echinocereus viridiflorus v. viridiflorus - multiple heads but very tiny and one large head was removed today as it was rotten. Oddly one head appears to have 2 of the tiniest flower buds I have seen on a cactus. This one might live.
Gymnocalycium bruchii - was cheap but only about the size of a quarter. Oddly it has a bud too. Think its the HO T5 lights.

Have you had any good experiences from ebay and if so, who?
I didn't leave any bad feedback but feel I was given half dead plants the person wanted to clean out of his green houses.

From now on I will stick with the online vendors that have worked.

Note, I did go back and leave negative feedback. First time I have but I feel I should when someone is selling poor quality plants.

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Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

Have you tried checking out DG members "have" pages for specific plants. I know when I have plants listed on my "have" page I would send one to someone who asked about them for postage. I have lots of agaves and have sent dozens of them off. I have also received some really nice plants from other DG members. I have had some luck with ebay sellers (bought some fig cuttings), I haven't ever bought cactus on ebay though. I buy carnivorous plants from (spelling?) and I really like them, very nice plants.

Arlington, TX

I usually buy a dozen or so new specimens each year and so I need a nursery. I was just wondering if others on here had better luck than I did. I can tell you I won't do this again.
PS I have exchanged a few plants on here and it has always been a positive experience too.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Cheryl, I am a seller on ebay but I only sell Christmas Cactus, not the type you are looking for. You do have to be so careful when buying plants. Here in NJ we must be certified nurseries to legally ship plants west of the Mississippi River. I have many customers in the West and I ship ONLY USPS Priority mail because I must ship West Bare root and if you do not pack them properly and ship them fast, you will have just what you got. Bad looking, sick, sad plants. I would suggest when someone gives you free shipping, you had better ask how they intend to ship them. If it takes more than three days, winter or summer, you are taking a chance of plant damage.

You did the right thing giving a negative feedback but you really need to contact the seller if you have not and tell him/her the condition of the plants. Give them the benefit of at least replacing them even if you have to pay shipping. Every reliable seller wants to know if there is a problem. I hope you are not offended by my comments, I really was looking for information on this forum and was curious about your thread.

Have a great day. JB

Chicago Suburbs, IL(Zone 5b)

I have bought a lot of plants from multiple eBay sellers and have good experiences. I am really careful about who I order from though and only buy if the actual plant is pictured, the seller has a lot of positive feedback about plants or if I recognize them from cactus and succulent boards.

Some sellers I have had good experiences with are:

Arlington, TX

Several of those have web stores outside of ebay. I have ordered from carona.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

I've had good luck on ebay buying cacti and succulents. Cactusbylin_dot_com is one that I use and am happy with.

Arlington, TX

Thats the one that sent me squashed plants.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

I'm sorry. Did you contact them? I've had very good luck with them.

Arlington, TX

I did but apparently was not complaining enough.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

JB, do you sell CC or Thanksgiving cacti? Do you have a purple CC? Thanks, Luciee

Carlsbad, CA(Zone 10b)

I've only purchased from one seller on eBay, Bigfoot, who only sells part of the year, but has a website. Everything from him has arrived in great shape.

I feel it is really important to make sellers rectify any problems, and the system is set up to make them do so. It's your money and their reputation and any seller worth their salt wants you happy. My husband does a lot of buying on eBay, typically scientific equipment, and when he receives misrepresented, or damaged items due to poor packing he always contacts the seller and has yet to have any problems go unresolved. He does this before leaving negative feedback. If they won't deal with you personally, you can always mention that you will contact eBay, and if they want to continue selling they definitely don't want that to happen. All but one has refunded his $, etc. without getting eBay involved, it's just an annoyance to have to do.

I've purchased from Corona Cactus at plant shows and they have nice stock.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Yes, I sell Christmas, Thanksgiving, Holiday and Orchid Cactus, plus jasmine, some begonias and goldfish plants and more. I sell both starter and some older Thanksgiving as you call them. For years I had been selling on DG Marketplace until it closed and I just left Plant Scout because there is not enough traffic to make it worth the money. I am hoping to come back to PS someday but just now it is not in my budget.

The plants I have available are listed on the links below. The first link is my website and if you want to see how I got into this you can read about it there. There are also pictures of some of the plants I usually have in stock. Just now I am low in variety because we sold out of so many of the hybrids but by Spring I will have many more than are listed now. I usually have 10 or 15 different ones available in most of the colors including white, yellow,orange, peaches and cream, salmon, red, pink, and lavender. It depends on what I cut and when. I list them on the stores below when they are available.

To answer your question Luci, I have never seen a real purple CC or other. I do have "Naomi" but she does not look purple to me. More lavender. She is still too young to propagate but I am hoping in a few months she will give me some babies.

Sorry I did not mean to make a "book" out of this post. I wanted to be sure Luci had an answer. Thank you for your interest. If you want to contact me by dmail please feel free to do so rather than take up the space on your thread. I am happy to talk anytime. JB

Creston, CA

I bought two Astrophytum myriostigmas from this seller. In perfect health, very well packaged. It's a real nursery in San Diego. Have not boght any other plants from eBay.

Arlington, TX

They have a website outside of ebay too, or they used to anyway. I have bought a lot of mail order cactus, just not from ebay. I am certain there are sellers on ebay that are great. I was venting about some bad plants. Not sure what happened but even the plants that will live are scarred and small.

Ventress, LA(Zone 8b)

The only thing I have ever purchased from eBay was from ceylonmike with michael's bromeliads. I had extra in the box and everything was in perfect condition.

Arlington, TX

OK. Ordered more plants from the same seller, to test really. I ordered 3 plants, 2 of one kind and one of another and was only sent 2 plants. The one plant in the picture does not even have a single root. I emailed the seller but honestly I won't ever order cactus from ebay again.

Arlington, TX


Thumbnail by newtonsthirdlaw
Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Please do not judge everyone on eBay as being the same. I have been selling on eBay for years , I am a small nursery and I sell only things I would want to have in my house. If a plant does not look good, I keep it. JBsPlants , look me up on Plant Scout. I am not soliciting business, I am merely asking you not think poorly of all of us who sell on eBay. Have a wonderful day and if you want to dmail me privately I will tell you what I got from a very reputable company yesterday and what it looked like. LOL Not on eBay either.

Arlington, TX

I do all my cacti and most of my native perennials mail order and I love it, so I know it can be great.

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

I probably get 97% of my new plants from eBay. No real good stores aorund here. As in all areas, it can be hit or miss. Mostly I have had great luck and often am suprized at how much better the plants are than what I expected to get. Too many good sellers for me to start a list here. Perhaps my luck is related to my having been on eBay a long time, my ability to "read between the lines" and that I teach a class on how to buy and sell on eBay. When I hear a student complain about how all of eBay is "junk," a few questions and it becomes obvious they were not a wise shopper. The kinda new policy of eBay that covers all transactions is very biased toward the buyer and their protection. Gene

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

The thing I find frustrating is that I specialize in Jasmine and Christmas,Thanksgivings and other Holiday Cactus. I like to be sure when I buy something I get the plants that they say they have for sale. Most of the time I am going to use it for my collection and will eventually resell it.
For example, I know a few people who describe these rare Christmas Cactus by their botanical names, etc. and when you pay a bit more than usual, but you get the plant and when it blooms it is obvious it is NOT the plant they said it was. I used to think they did it because they honestly thought they had that particular cultivar when in fact they do it frequently and there is no one to stop them because most people do not realize what is happening. I dislike misrepresentation in any fashion. My reputation is more important to me than an extra couple of dollars. So, if you are out there buying plants for your collections, be careful who you buy from and beware of plant scams. Unfortunately it is difficult to know until it is too late.

Something else, you may also be buying a patented plant and they do not tell you and if you want to sell it you really need to be sure the patent has run out. Even some of the big sellers will not tell you unless you ask. They just want to make the sale.

Sorry to be so lengthy. Just venting because I have seen it happen. Yes, it has happened to me. ☺

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

Cheryl: There are quite a few cacti that lose their roots during the winter when they are not being watered and it is cold. I think you just need to plant it in appropriate soil and it will root again in no time. Maybe the order got confused with wanting 2 of the same one? I don't know. Let us know what they say.

Arlington, TX

They said they only had one and would refund the cost. At least he was prompt about answering.

Hammondsport, NY(Zone 6b)

Cheryl - Sorry @ the experience with I just got 3 terrific plants including a large Fero. hamata. there @ a month ago, so I'd would be contacting them & ask what's going on! I, too, have been on eBay a very long time, so my eBay experience -- like gasrocks -- has almost always been extremely positive. And I do all the things gasrocks suggests -- pics of items (whatever), high ratings (know can be inflated), read feedback, esp. negative & how seller interacts with "problem". Lots of "whiners" out there with totally unreal expectations!

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