Summer Brugs in Aus., Feb 2013.

Sydney, Australia

MUD ! and cold sprinkling.

How about you ?

An exciting month though as we await special seeds to germinate and join our other precious baby Brugs ...

We came from here


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Merino, Australia

Not a lot going on here.
My coldies are still looking good and should do well in Autumn.
They have Ys so maybe I will see a flower or two.
The warmies are looking forward to Autumn after the few days of heat we had.
Still a bit more heat to come , but not so hot here as further north in the state and around Melbourne.
FFA has Y'd and I am hoping to see flowers.
Clementine is looking much brighter after a good talking to and being shown Waynes beautiful new baby.
GHA & BB are putting out more buds.
Its all going to happen this year, I just know it.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Ludger's seed have been sown
I had put my seeds in water for 36 hours (this is something that I do not do but I'm following every one else here )
I then placed the seed on sterile and placed in humidy crib for them to germinate
I have been spraying them every 12 hours to keep
Them moist
The amount of seed supplied is very generous and
Much appreciated from Ludger and Jean

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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

We lost 'Old Apricot' to frost (see pic in Huanduj) several years back. Here is a new plant growing, trained as a standard struck from a plant we shared.
LOL, sharing brugs brings good karma. :)

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Merino, Australia

Looking very pretty ,Wayne. I love the contrast of the pale & darker blooms.

I had to laugh at your description " trained as a standard."
Mine do that themselves , just when I want bushy shrubs.
I will let the brugs flower then cut them all back in hope of

Shaun, its going to be so exciting watching the aurea babies grow.
I just moved the last of my seedlings from last year down to the back shadehouse.
The empty greenhouse now waits.........

Hubby asked why I was always moving brugs.
He had a good laugh when I told him they have to go from kindy to primary school, then high school, then get out in the wide world and do their job of flowering for me.


Sydney, Australia

Seedlings tend train themselves as standards here, cuttings not so much but sometimes, depending what part of the plant they came from.

My Aurea and the sangs are all planted up, but I am off to bed now. caught myself a chill running around in the rain then getting cold.

Love your seedlings hanging upside down like bats Shaun, is that some new magic trick ? ^_^

Glad to see Old Apricot growing in your garden again Wayne, every garden should have that one ! I agree if you share, your Brugs come back to you if you lose them. A couple of stunning beauties were lost over the pond in a big freeze, now they are gone forever, very sad to see that happen.
Wayne more pics of your pretty new double pretty please.

They say the heat is coming back ...we will see what happens, our newest babies need to put on some good roots before Winter.

bye for now ...go you dear little seeds go !


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Sydney, Australia

Sorry guys just popped in to say I have vertigo, back when it goes away. Always get it when I have a chill.

back in a day or two.

waving !

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Take care Chrissy.

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Silly me forgot to sened you a get well bunch of flowers...
Here you go! :)

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Hi there all,
It's been so quiet in the garden with all the plants just crazing along with the odd bloom here & there
It dose however look like I have red spider mites for the 3rd time since spring once I get rid of them and think thank (him) there gone there right back doing what I don't want them to do.
I do on the other hand have a number of plants with buds on them and if I get the spray to my plants in the next few days I may still have buds to work with

I do have about 10 plants from seed that have also 'Y' and look really great should have some good baby bloomers soon.
I have a number of the cold group that have 'Y' and waiting for the cooler weather for them to show me what they have to offer, but I will be throwing them out as soon as they have bloomed as they have a virus and don't look the best or it could be that they just don't like the heat from Melbourne

Seed from Ludger, I have 3 different varieties up at the moment but Schlossburg is the quickest one to pop. HOW ARE YOURS GOING..???

Hope all are well and the weather is not playing havoc with you're garden as it is with mine

Sydney, Australia

Hi Shaun, good to hear all your news.
I am starting to feel human again, ditto here in my garden.

Nothing much to report re the Ludger seeds because I received mine a week later than you.Soaked them over 2 days so probably almost 10 days later than everyone else. Alistair's seedlings are doing very well.

Some of my seedlings from over the pond seem very strong, but of course the Aussie ones are much more vigorous, probably due to the freshness. The Culebra ones are a bit slower, but I expected that, they are healthy though.

Most of us will see the flushes starting in March if the weather Allows, that will be the time to start thinking of pods if you want them this year.


Sydney, Australia

Oops I forgot to thank you for the bunch of flowers Wayne kind of transparent LOL ! but I bet they are pretty !


Clifton Springs, Australia

I had red spider for the first time ever, this year...sprayed them with Eco oil and it seems to have stopped them..
I'm only going to grow the Schlossburg x pink aurea seeds, Shaun...
The others can wait until Spring.....I will watch everyone else grow them until then...

Clementine is still flowering and taking the heat very well....since I took it out of the pot, it has excelled itself..
No red spider on Brugs in the ground only the ones in pots, so they must be wonder with this crazy weather...

Alistair's little crosses are slowing at the moment, because I transplanted them, but the seeds are still germinating in the spaghnum moss..
I culled them to keep the strongest, and they keep coming thru...

Merino, Australia

Shaun, I have been using Yates Mavrick spray on the spider mites. It seems to do the best job .
I have not had the infestations as bad as I have had before.
I could not find the Rogor that Maurice mentioned, so will stick to alternating the Mavrick with eucalyptus oil in water or Neem Oil .
My brugs are looking very good considering the weird weather and I put it down to the fertliser mix I am using.
Roll on Autumn...

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Chrissy, here is the first bloom on your 'Glasshouse Angel' x 'Butter Bomb'. There a a couple more buds to open. It has an aurea scent as expected. As you can see, a squat five pointed bloom, about 200 mm.

Storm just arriving...

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Sydney, Australia

Awwww poor little thing Wayne ...sorry it isn't a beauty for you, thank you for posting the pics. What with all the lovelies coming through, that one is a poor little plain Jane.

Good luck with those mites everyone I don't seem to have that problem, but the tiny green grubs are out in force right now. watch those Brug babies everyone.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Wayne I like the cross sham about this one I do like the inflated tub just outside of the calyx
I'm sure there will be many more to be composted in the next 12 months

Sprayed the yard and it took 2 days about 6 hours but all done and Shaun is a little happier now

Wayne do you or Chrissy put these seedlings in to the seedling database @ BGI so that many of us can have a reference to the cross and what come of them weather good bad or indifferent

Sydney, Australia

I lost some of my seedling pics Shaun, so not all reached the data base, but they will as they bloom again.

Wayne said he was thinking of joining BGI again so I am leaving his lovelies to him re the data base, unless he gets too busy and wants me to do it for him.

It suddenly feels like Autumn here ... or at least the garden thinks it is arriving early, the Persimmons are colouring up etc.
Thank goodness, at last some buds are looking like they will hold now the weather is milder and after the rain. All we have to do now is keep the munchers off them.


Sydney, Australia

Wow what a difference some milder wet nights make !
Suddenly buds all over the place ! almost overnight I can see new ones just since yesterday it !

Quietly excited !

Clifton Springs, Australia

Me too......lots of first flowerers and some that bloomed for the first time in late Autumn..
Now!! if only the wind would drop and the weather stay kind...

Bruce's Pink has been at a nice manageable height for a couple of it's shot up to about 12 least it's got a wide canopy as well as this new growth,

Oh well, I'll go back to gazing at all these half opened buds, one in particular is a cross of Angels Swingtime x Angels Exotic....the mind boggles when you think of what could be in that bud.....there are about 10 of them swinging around in the wind...luckily the leaves up there, are really burnt and skimpy, so there is nothing to damage the buds, just the danger of the wind blowing them off...

Guess who this if you didn't know....told you it was happier in the garden...
Yes it is the moment along with Ivoire it's the only one in flower...

Can't wait to see all of our old favourites on here again, I've missed seeing all the pics, it's been so quiet...

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Sydney, Australia

That cross sounds exciting Dianne, fingers crossed for you !

Clementine is a treasure always, even in her sometimes wrinkly Spring dress, I still love her.

Yes I have been missing the usual show so much too. After that Big Heat I thought some might die, some of the German ones looked like dead sticks, but as far as I can see most are sprouting again, though I don't know if they will flush this Autumn or not.
If the Winter is mild we will get some flowers then probably. Too much rain means some funny calyx dramas so if anyone has flooded pinch off those tips to let the water out (if you can reach them ).


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Sydney, Australia

Happy Valentines Day !

Watching the tiny mounds starting to build up, should only be a couple of days before I see some little babies from Germany !
A lovely sight !



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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

'Old Apricot' x 'Butter Bomb' seedling (Chrissy). This is the second flush, plant in 300 mm pot. Good scent - aurea. Blooms hold well. Darker in colour and larger than 'Old Apricot'.
This plant needs to grow in the ground to see if it has the huge, recurrent flushes that 'Old Apricot' has.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

'Mea Culpa' x 'Alphonse Mucha' - lol, I am a grandfather! :)
Huge blooms!
Sent much like 'Alphonse Mucha'.
Growing in a 300 mm pot.
I am disappointed with the colour.

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Sydney, Australia

I really like the Old Apricot x Butter Bomb ! I hope it has the big flushes of it's mother ...sounds like it carried dad's perfume more than mum's. Just remember the days when the thought of the lovely Old Apricot with an Aurea fragrance would have been like winning the lotto, oh boy have we come a long ways since then ! I Hope it will be special, like both the parents are. Is the bloom strong ?

Don't be too unhappy about your grandbaby seedling ...AM turns an amazing colour at certain times. You need to watch for all 4 seasons. Does it smell lovely ? as strong as AM. Milky Honey ?

Congratulations ! and thankyou for showing us. ^_^

I hope you don't mind ...I borrowed your Picture to show baby then the proud mum and daddy !


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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Thanks Chrissy, and happy St. V's Day to you too! The 'Twilight Time' couple loved your pic! :)

Did I send you any of your OA x BB? I know, I should keep a record.

It is a lovely bloom, and holds well. I will never be without 'Old Apricot' growing in our garden. However, I wonder about this one in that the bloom is so good. Time will tell.
BTW... a noid pod hangs there on this plant!
I am disgraceful... one or two seeds to plant from this pod! :)

As for my 'Mea Culpa' x 'Alphonse Mucha'...
Next to 'Poison' I have never seen such a big bloom!
I don't know about keeping this.

Sydney, Australia

I don't think so Wayne, but when that grows up enough to share, I would love a little bit, the big white one too, just purely out of curiosity.

I am enjoying the milder conditions ...the Brugs are too.
Went to take pictures of Ivoire and Tintarella battery is flat.
Must go do other stuff now, maybe pics a bit later.
Enjoy the weekend everyone ...lots to look forward to huh ?

Autumn dead ahead ! whoo hoo ^_^


Merino, Australia

Finally, things are moving in the garden despite the awful heat.
I have buds on Sweet Jaffa , BB, GHA, Clementine, Mango Cornet and Shauns lovely DRC..

I am hoping all the buds hang on as we are in for a week of very hot weather.
FFA has grown like Jacks beanstalk. May have taken him a while to start, but hes making up for ti now.

All the brugs out under the ash tree are doing very well. The shadecloth fence keeps the wind down a bit and they get the morning sun.
I am sure they have all grown a foot since moving there.

Sad to say, the buds on the coldies dropped off in the heat, but more will come now they have started.

Wayne , lovely blooms. I like the OA x BB . very nice shape.
The GHA x BB looks nice but it seems the flower could not decide which parent it wanted to be

Dianne, I am hoping Clementine behaves herself here this year.

I took a cutting of Mango Cornet and it has a bud already after only a month . I do love MC.

Better go and water a few more pots
Getting hot out there now.

hug all those bruggies.

pic 1 ..2...&.. 3...DRC
pic 4... some of my German seeds at last.

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Merino, Australia

ooops, forgot to add the pic of FFA... the giant in the middle and way above the 6' shadehouse..

brug on the right is Senorita Rosada and the one on the left is Sweet Jaffa.

Jean. .

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Sydney, Australia

Jean Congratulations on your little seedlings making their debut ! great excitement !

Wow your Fire fighter Angel is taking after the Mother plant in size, it must have been a trunk cutting, you should get a nice flush out of that one, looking at the size. Fingers and toes crossed for you !

What does DRC smell like ? is it big or small ...interesting.

I have green arches on my first Ludger warm group seeds, pictures tomorrow !

This one :
yellow x p1a ( yellow aurea x pink aurea )

I only planted a few of each in case Autumn is early and cold.


Merino, Australia

Chrissy, DRC has a lovely perfume. Not as strong as GHA but it does remind me of it.
The flower is a bit longer than GHA but not as big as BB.
I like the way the tendrils curl back. It recovers quickly in the evening after drooping in the heat.
Shaun has a lovely one there.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

'DRC' is a plant that i breed about 15 years ago with aurea [Diggers] x.aurea [Yamina] to my recollection we did have them back then and it was one of the only pods that we ever created. the plant dose best as a standard and will throw up main stems for this purpose. i has it flower non stop for almost 9 years then i moved and had to take cuttings which also bloom constant.

The fragrance of 'DRC' is subtle and the bloom is about 8-10" long the petal tips recurved and are medium in lasting about 5-7 days

Wayne, Those plants are really nice especially the 'Old Apricot' x 'Butter Bomb' even those it is simular to that of 'OA' it would be a keeper as the fragrance is of aurea
Sorry about the other seedling being a plan thing but you never know it could throw rainbows if crossed with another color

I have many plants that have got buds on and if the temps stay good & don't get in the 40's again i will have flowers just before i head of to Bali.

I have spoken to Maurice and he is OK plants thriving for him he sha lost a number of seedlings from the US but im sure he is not worried, I am of to see Maurice on the 24 feb to see how things are going for him and also help him out.

the weather here has been sitting around 32oC for the last week and looks that way for the next week also but then dropping down to high 20's so it looks Brugs for me/

Sydney, Australia

Thanks for the description Shaun.

I hope Maurice is ok, do tell him that his little cuttings are growing here ...they just sat there for weeks then just suddenly decided to grow's been a tough Summer but the the flushes are building up now. I agree.

If Maurice is sight impaired, no wonder he has lost seedlings, how on earth can he see those tiny green grubs that we sighted people have difficulty finding ? I do hope someone can inspect the babies daily for him. These little munchers can ruin a seedling almost overnight when they are small.

You might miss the flushes on your plants someone going to take pics for you ?
Wow Bali ...everyone seems to be traveling off to exotic locations these days, have fun !


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy he lost the seedling via heat & sun not from bugs or grubs

i do have a Horticulturist coming over every second day for me while im gone i have also asked her to tahe pics is there are any plants that are flowering for me as i will probably miss them while OS. (i also mentioned to her that for the work she is doing for me that i will name a plant after her in the future she was so flabbagasted and honoured, i help her out with plant ID and other infor about plants as she dose not know loads of info so i will help here. Kate is 1 very kool Girl i really appreciate the work she will be doing for me while im gone.

You are right about the flushed they are building up like a tsunami in my back yard.
I have about 7 cold group and about 10 Warm group seedlings 'Y' so i will be very happy to see them there is 3 from Lucas, Micheal x3, Mike x2, Mine x 8 so interesting times to come

Clifton Springs, Australia

Here is my first newbie for the's the A.Swingtime x A.Exotic.....I love the half opened flower on this one....
It only opened this morning, so I don't know who it will follow re colour.
Though Monica says that pink and yellow produce a lot of whites in one of her it might be white..
Only one of these seeds grew....
The petal tips are from A.Swingtime, little stumpies, but I like them because I instantly know where they came from...

DRC does look very nice, I posted when you put on the pics Jean, but obviously forgot to press
Is there a touch of pink? or a camera trick...
I'm finding my photos very frustrating, I can't get the true colours....might be time to go back to a Canon...
My phone is better for colour...

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Sydney, Australia

It looks great Dianne, yes I agree, trying to capture the colour we see with our eyes is very often almost impossible to capture in the Pictures. I notice many of the glamour pics taken by the growers in the catalogues OS are taken in the night, or indoors. It's difficult to capture those same qualities in our outdoor blooms growing in our strong sunlight.

Your nice bloom looks great, is it too tall to catch the fragrance ?


Merino, Australia

Dianne, its not pink tints on DRC, more like a hint of apricot when it first opened. This morning it is a lovely creamy white.
It is very aurea looking and considering its parents I see why. The perfume does remind me of GHA but not quite as strong.
I am now watching buds on Sweet Jaffa. I am anxious to see if it retains the lovely jaffa orange color. It didnt bloom last year so its been a wait.
It has the same breeding as Clementine which is a contrast. Maybe it will decide to be a double. Lots of aurea in the ancestry too.

Love the new baby you have too Dianne. Very pretty .

This is the fun of growing our bruggies.

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Sydney, Australia

Buds buds buds whoopee !!!!!

More more more !
pic 1) way up past the clothes line in the cottage garden area ! The tallest is Lipstick, to the left one of Wayne's seedlings, can't wait to see it.
Buds all over the once " dead sticks". Loving it !


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Sydney, Australia

An experiment : I took a risk and put a couple of my most precious seedlings out into the big bad World when they were tiny, you can imagine how upset I was at the Big Heat we suffered, Sure they would die I was relieved I only risked a few.

Guess what ? one of them has a trunk an inch in diameter ! , it's leaves are showing the wear and tear of the awful weather but you can see the fresh leaves joyfully receiving the the milder temps and drizzles, what a revelation ! these are much more advanced than the coddled ones.

Pic 1) Creamsickle x Super Spot (the one with an inch in Diameter trunk).
Pic 2) Twilight Time x Heart of Gold ...extra healthy ! I have used no sprays because of the erratic weather, Not that I usually use any much (when I do it is always organic). Being my own double to double cross of course makes it extra exciting. The coddled ones are still only a few inches tall so out they go over the next week or two. After seeing these results I wish they had all gone out at the same time(of course impossible when there are so many).
Pic3) another TT x Heart of Gold (I planted three of each of these crosses outside into full sun and in an exposed position.

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Our dear little Aussie ones, only one bloom on each, but with lots of buds forming, these blooms are not perfect because of the drizzle then heat but still they are pretty and such troopers !

1234 are all Tintarella ( Sorry about the picture quality- it is so dark outside due to the dark grey clouds moving in ). It is such a joyful little Brug, pics don't do it justice.

Ivoire has suffered from the rain overnight and the heat yesterday but she too is such a trooper. Pic 5)

Go little Bruggies Go .....


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