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What's happening in your neck of the woods - 2013

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thought I'd see if I could move us over.

This poor little Pansy could use some cheering up :-) Hopefully none of us will have that to look forward to, but, in Canada, you never know ^_^


Thumbnail by MarilynneS
Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Ground Hog day!
Have heard varying reports re what the critter saw or didn't see, bottom line, Mother Nature will do as she pleases, as always, we're just along for the ride !!

Have almost accomplished the laundry, linen changes .. hoping to make a pumpkin pie, but, unsure as to whether I will 'poop out' in the interim ..
Glad we're going out for supper !!!


Victoria Harbour, ON

Lordy "M"you are energetic today .. Moth watering at the pumpkin pie.

Went to Orillia, almost a waste of time, hardly any fabric that I needed to match for unfinished projects, and what there was, well double if not triple the price. Purchased some more Christmas fabric as they were putting it away till fall and reasonable..guess I'll have to save my list and make a trip to Buffalo shortly.

I keep thinking it should be late afternoon lol. Maybe we both need a nap!

Like this new room, thanks for getting it ready for us

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Found you. Have been watching grandson play hockey about an hour out of town today.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Always a fun thing to do ViolaAnn, how old is he??
4 grandsons played hockey at one point but now down to 2.

Lordy have a kitty snoring away. Almost makes me want to do the same. Lol
Did any of you get the snow today? Seemed to snow good portion of the day but no accumulation

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

No snow here Betty. Just home from supper out with the family and the temps have moderated a lot, so, perhaps we'll get some ?
Did get the pumpkin pie made, took some to Murray to take home, one of his favourites ...
Austin played hockey for one season, but didn't like it .. he's now interested in playing the pipes in a pipe band .. looks like it may be a GO in the Spring .. looking forward to it.

I think it'll be early to bed for me tonight. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY tomorrow, have a pot roast to cook in the slow cooker, debating as to whether to place the vegetables around it or not, have gotten 'mushy veggeis' a couple of times ..

Glad you like the 'new room' ^_^



It was VERY sunny here in Calgary today........ good thing we don't have a groundhog here lol

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Grandtwins are both 10 (11 in early April) and both play hockey, but for the last 2 years Amy has been playing with a girls' league. Both had tournaments this weekend. DH got to one of Amy's games but I only got to Nolan's this afternoon. We get to more of Amy's games because they aren't usually at or before 8 am like Nolan's are.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all,

Having coffee and toast, quiet , great time to reflect on past week and upcoming week..always like a plan of attack as to what I hope to accomplish then see how close I

Not a sport enthusiast so guess I shall be doing a lot of channel surfing as to find something other than football on.

ViolaAnn, never understood why men play during prime time and these little tykes have to be playing before sunrise..those grandchildren of yours seem to have grown up overnight.

Winter here really hasn't been bad, before you know it we will be thinking gardening and what plants to buy..sure ViolaAnn has her eye on hosta's. Lol

Off to find something to do
Enjoy the special treats of the day and company if you have some coming over for the game..may your team win

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I am NOT a fan of football, but, Lorna's Dad is, soooooo .. we have a bet. I have chosen the Baltimore Ravens, and he has the 49ers. He has GIVEN me 3 points, which I take it means the Ravens are the UNDERDOGS .. ahh well .. doubt I'll watch the game anyway.

Back in the day, when Murray was in a hockey league, it wasn't unusual to be leaving the house before 6am to go to a practise, then on to a game at 8am. By the time we all piled through the door at home around 10am we were exhausted !!

Susan, it was very sunny here as well yesterday .. my friend in Calgary has been commenting on the Chinook.

Off to sear the roast and put it in the slow cooker .. have decided to do the vegetables on their own outside the cooker.

Enjoy your day everyone


Victoria Harbour, ON

Well let's hope you win the bet..big dollars at stake. Lol

Ran into Walmart, needed some sewing supplies, got hungry for turkey dinner so I've got turkey in the oven, hope I have cranberry for the dressing and turnip..called to see if the family would like to drop in for suppr, but it's a perfect ski and snowmobiling day so all are off enjoying the day..means I'll have plenty of left overs..

I should take more advantage of the slow cooker, such great recipes available..

Maybe I'll go look for my books and pick something easy for next weekend, have a lesson book for saturday morning for my new sewing machine, would be great coming hem to a home cooked meal.

Speaking of sewing, was cleaning my craft cupboard and found a pattern for an eagle I was gong to do years ago for nephew (godson) so picked up heat and bond and will play cut outs today while watching a movie.


oh yes, ~M~ I'd forgotten you have a friend in Calgary lol
It's another beautifully sunny day here again today!!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

May have to take out a loan for the bet Betty LoL
So far the Ravens have scored a TDown, and, San Fran got a field goal .. I think it's time for me to go to bed and read about it in the morning LoL

Out of here early in the morning to go and get gas in the truck, then Gord and I have a few places to go .. and, of course, it'll be -20 or more ... gads ..

Yep Susan, my friend 'Kathy' is in Calgary, and, she keeps me updated on the weather, usually on Face Book ..

Hope the Eagle turns out Betty .. sounds kinda nice.

Have a wonderful upcoming week everyone ^_^


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Well, I won the bet in the 'BLACKOUT BOWL' on Sunday .. watched some of the game, find it boring.

Weather is warming up here, even a bit of snow on the ground.

Going in to the Hospice office this morning to do some 'office work', then off to a dental appt with Lorna.

Hope everyone is enjoying their days ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

was -22 when I got to work this morning..brrrr chilled to the bones.

Good for you, now what shall you do with your winnings?

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

LoL Betty, it's a whole $10., and, Lorna's Dad and I will now start betting on Baseball games .. he is a diehard Jays fan, so, I now have to pick a team to root for, am thinking perhaps the Chicago Cubs, or, the NY Yankees. I am also NOT a baseball fan, I'll watch the World Series (end games) that's about it.

Was so brilliantly sunny here today .. but. the wind from the northwest was not so nice ..

Went to Swiss chalet for supper (early) .. nice and quiet, food was good .. seems we go there once a week now ..

Off to watch the news, seems a young woman from TBay was murdered in Richmond Hill, as it goes, we kinow her .. we're hearing her brother shot her.
Right now all info is speculation .. this happened on Saturday at 2am


Victoria Harbour, ON

OMG "M", likely the young woman I've heard about..tragic for sure when the murder is done by a family member..drats..terrible!

Swiss Chalet is right across the street from the office, never think of ordering a 'to go' meal at night, then of course I have lunch at 2:00pm and am not thinking food at 4:30 when I leave.

Cooked a turkey dinner on Sunday, enought for the entire week. Think I shall put it in the freezer because I just know it will go to waste otherwise.

I'd have to say I'm not a fan of and Aunt Muriel know every player and every statistic on them..just love going away with them and sitting in the room watching their games...NOT Thankfully I've the i-pad so I watch netflix with earplugs on lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Busy days .. kinda like that .. makes the days go quickly ^_^

Snow here, not any great amount though .. enough to make everything look pretty ..

Hope everyone is doing well and, keeping warm ..


Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon all,

Starting to snow here, Paul came in for a meeting, had me call all staff to tell him to work from home tomorrow..few minutes ago told us when we leave at 2:00 to go directly home..doesn't want to see us in harms way IF it storms.

Just called BIL Robert, he turned 68 today..watching him grow old makes me wonder how Roger would have aged, there was 18 months difference in age, hard to imagine him being70.

Getting belongings together and homeward bound!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Hope your commute home was without incident Betty.
I am so worried about Murray and family. They fly out of TBay at 6am to TORONTO to get their flight south around 11am I believe.
That's the one thing that made Gordon and myself so leary of travelling in the winter months, although, we did it for several years. It was always such a nere wracking time. I didn't care if we couldn't leave Barbados, but being stucj in Pearson was another thing all together ..

We're just cruisin along her with a fluffy flurry here and there, nothing too earth shattering. Temps have moderated .. all in all not so bad.

Washed the SUV today .. BIG mistake, but, what are ya gonna do? The SALT encrusted on it was just way too much to take .. have avoided wearing any dark clothing as I swear, the salt jumps off the vehicle onto it LoL

Re Roger turning 70, has to make you think .. I would imagine he would have aged well with you by his side .. ^_^

Off to make supper


Victoria Harbour, ON

"M", just starting to snow/blow, Toronto tomorrow is suppose to be kaos..let's hope Murray and family get out without a problem..had to smile when you said you wouldn't mind staying south, but not stranded in Toronto..they say that this storm is to be the biggest in 5 know how often they get it wrong..let's hope they are.

my car is so filthy but I dare NOT wash this cold and not having a garage, I'm sure the doors/windows would freeze. I will just have to wait.

been looking at flights to visit with Darlene for 3 or 4 days, DB Bernie just called, said he would come over in the next few days and see what I want done in the house..want small room between den and craft room finished..want a new zinc so now I shall have to debate with myself wether or not I should go, only 5 more weeks before I go spend a week and bring her back..

Everything always comes at once doesn't it?

will be watching right along with you the news on flights tomorrow

Hmmm after seeing both roger's brothers age, I just know he'd be a handsome silver haired gent!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Oooh "M"' doesn't look good for Murray and family getting out today..blunt of the snow is yet to come.

Looking outside its a winter wonderland, glad its a Jammie day. Lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Haven't heard from Murray as of yet, so we're thinking the flight left as scheduled for Toronto, whether it'll leave there is another question !!
They only took one cell phone, and, left all the other gizmos at home. I would imagine we'll receive a call or a text when they get to Toronto airport.
Unsettling to say the very least. BUT, they're treating it as part of their adventure ^_^

Have a great JDay (Jammies Day), I tend to think I may just do the same as the frigid temps have returned here (-26C)



Victoria Harbour, ON

Storm is really moving in, worse they say is over next few hours..if winf picks up we shall be in trouble!

Here's hoping their adventure turns out to be just that

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Texting Murray as I type.
They made it to Toronto, on the plane to Punta Cana now, and it is being deiced before it takes off.
Says it's 'stacked up' out there ..
Fingers crossed all goes well .. I know the pilots don't take any chances ..
Will be happy to hear they are airborne and on their way ABOVE the storm ^_^

Victoria Harbour, ON

Mazing their flight is onetime..Lordy not so from what the news say..

I'm sure they don't take chances, they will sure enjoy the should have packed your bags and gone with them, a truly dpfamily vacation

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

WELlllllllllllllllllllllllll .. the plane is still on the tarmac in Toronto, in line to GET in line to take off, and, they are being told it could be awhile .
I'm thinking they are going to have to de plane them and wait it out inside ..
My shattered nerves !!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

I am amazed that they got as far as the Tarmac..

Plowman just came for the 2nd time this morning and they say worse in Toronto!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

They are UP UP and away !! From what I gather they will arrive in Punta Canna at about 7pm, having left Toronto at around 2pm.
It was/is fascinating looking at the flight tracker .. the pilot completely skirted the storm, headed south and out across the ocean and south .. gotta hand it to them, they are good at what they do.
Poor Murray has a window seat, and was so wanting to get UP, he's 6'6" !!! Don't know if he did or not, Alison had the middle seat and she was lucky enough to have fallen asleep, therefore, he wanted to stay put.
Lets just say I am HAPPY, a few MORE grey hairs, but, HAPPY they got away :-)


Victoria Harbour, ON

So glad they'll be walking the beach tonight..great experience for the young ones. Punta Canna I believe is where Greg and his family went at they would be glad to be going now. Lol

Now you can rest knowing everyone is safe.

Snowing like crazy, plowman has been sure he'll be here again before morning!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

They are there !!
Gotta love the Westjet site :-)
Toes in sand .. drink in hand time for the family .. altho, neither Murray nor Alison drink .. but apparently the fruit drinks are wonderful, and NO ICE CUBES allowed LoL

Your plow man sounds reliable Betty, good thing you have him, I'd sure hate to see you out there shoveling that mess ..

Wonder how Susan is .. I hear Calgary is quite balmy ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

Still snowing, aunt Muriel just called, she was looking forward to coming over so I could help her with a rag quilt..told her perhaps Sunday she might come over.

Nothing like sitting on the beach enjoying the weather and scenery!

Haven't been out to do the steps or walkway to the basement entrance, it can wait lol


Hi all - just seeing/hearing on the news about how Ontario is getting "hit" and the tri-state area is getting flooded and snowed under in a blizzard...... YIKES!
Betty - so glad to hear they're on their way to Punta Canna!!
Yes M - it's been really nice here - sunny, and warm (got to 8c yesterday..... ) it's 6pm and still +1c.
Coldest we're getting now (at night) is minus 12c, and the snow is mostly gone! Still thaws then freezes at night so we go from puddles to thick ice...... very slippery in the dark 5:45 am time going to work...... !!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, still dark out there but not snowing, hate to hazard a guess at how much snow we got..suppose to be a sunshine day today and tomorrow then snow forecasted for Monday..hmmm have the phones transferred here, could stay home again. Snowday/

Susan, ice can be so you don't fall

"M" bet you wish you were with the kids on the beaches..

I'm invited to nieces wedding in Jamaica in May..Paul is closing shop as all are invited. I may stay home and keep an eye on Kyle/Noah and the furries, not decided yet.

Need to get a move on, 1st lesson on my new husqvarna is this morning..also Canadian tire has a great sale on

Enjoy your day

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Up and at'em here, altho, even though I am relieved re Murray and family, I am feeling a bit queazy (dizzy) as I took those pills (methotrexate) last evening.
Trying to shake it off as I have plans to do laundry and baking and get outside !!
Husqvarna!!! Are you learning how to do 'chain saw art' ? LoL .. betcha it's a sewing machine of sorts?

Susan , my bud, Kathy, DID fall on the ice going in to one of her clients homes .. didn't hurt herself, but shook her up a bit ..
I guess it's 'walker beware weather'
How long left in your position ?

I best get moving here, enjoy your Saturday everyone



Betty, you should see me tip toe over the ice..... ever so carefully! I will NOT allow a fall, so maybe I'm a bit over-careful, but better safe than sorry.......

~M~ , I have 2 more weeks, which makes it a total of 3 months in the position.
Don't know if I mentioned why I didn't get the job - I asked for and got Feedback from my boss - the Director of our dept. She said there was a complaint against me ie: I spoke sharply to someone and hurt their feelings, so I was deemed "not a fit". I was stunned, to say the least. Told Lora that I'd never had that said about me before, and she said "I can't believe that - maybe previous employers weren't honest with you". I really appreciate her honesty, believe me. It was a good conversation. After a couple of hours of soul-searching, I realized what she was referring to. One morning (early, before many people were around), I heard someone on the other side of my cubicle wall say, to someone on the phone) "you're old, you're untrainable, get over it!". He did not say it quietly either. Being "older" (will be 59 in March), I was shocked, and hurt. I didn't feel this should be said at all, let alone an open area. So, I thought about it for a few minutes, until he got off the phone, and I "called him on it". I told him I thought it was an insult, I'm older, and he should not have said it. He said it was a 29 yo woman (he's about my age I guess, maybe a bit younger, AND in HR to boot - so should have known better). Since then, we've been able to talk in a friendly manner - as I said, I said what I needed to, and "moved on". Obviously he hasn't.
Lora said, firstly I should not have been listening in on a private conversation and to a point she's right - but when it's said loudly because he didn't think anyone was around, it's kinda hard to overlook it.
Lora also said she liked my work, and I was doing a great job, but when a complaint has been lodged against me, she has to take it seriously. As I said, at the time of our conversation I could not recall the incident because I had "let it go" and had moved on. However, she also said - "there's 2 sides to every story". For sure!!! She also said that the Executive Assistant who's been training me really enjoys working with me. I've gotten a thank you card from one of the managers (with movie gift cards) for my assistant, and I told Lora that I feel in the past month that I feel I am fitting in with the group more easily.
Well, they interviewed 3 people for the job on Wed, and one of them will get the job. I offered to stay on doing Iron Mountain archiving of files that have sat at the company for 3 yrs or more, but don't think that's going to happen.
My last day is Feb 22nd - 2 weeks from now.
After that, I'm going to the disability organization that had offered me workshops and another org - the Province - that will help me find a job (called Employee Matching). Maybe that will help me get a perm job I can keep.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Susan .. have always found that 'constructive criticism' is a 2 edged sword. As you know, privacy within the health care system is sacro sanct. If I were to overhear someone talking as you had, I tend to think I might have called them up on it, which would bring us to the OTHER edge of the sword .. how will the person take it, as we know, not all people take criticism well .. which, in your case, seems to be the problem
As you said, you let it go, obviously he wasn't mature enough to. Life does go on.

Have been waiting for SOME snow all day .. and .. if just started now .. am going out in the Mule for a ride about, it's so nice and mild out, Gord has taken the dogs for a good long walk .. it's Lilly's 6th BDay tomorrow, get ready for the pic LoL

Hope all you 'snow shovelers' are doing ok ..

The obit for the young woman from TBay killed by her brother in Richmond Hill is in the paper .. Lorna knew her well as the family landscaping business was right across from the cemetery where Lorna worked. I had met her several times as well, just a joy to know ..
Feel so bad for the family.

Off I go



I'm not in Health care anymore (I know you are), I'm in Hydro. I'm also not in HR - they've moved into our area, and apparently they used to have their own insulated, quiet area. They haven't learned the area is not so confidential anymore, and that's something he needs to learn, and fast!

btw - the temp here just went UP to +3c! It wasn't supposed to get higher than minus 2c!
Still, it's too cool and icy for me to go out....... plus the fact that I'm house cleaning lol
Bob's working today, from 8-3 (long day, for his 6th of the week...... usually it's only 1/2 day. He doesn't get paid for it either - take it as a "lieu day" but not sure when he can do that........ siiiiiiiigh
Maybe in the summer when we're camping? BUT I need to have a perm job where I get vacation too......

Victoria Harbour, ON

Waving hi Susan, wether right or wrong it's gret that you got feedback as to why you weren't the chosen one. My SIL Suzanne has a very cross voice, if you didn't know she is a pussycat you'd be complaining to the boss for sure. Guess its just how the other person here's your words.

Days in lieu are good, like you say, come a LNG weekend you can just say what to heck, take a few more days and go further afield.

"M" sad case for sure..did they say what angered him enough to take her life?

Just going to town today tired me out, or was it the shovelling? Lol

Waste of $35, three of us in the class because of weather, two girls had never sewn..instructor explained everything in great to wind bobbin,what different number of needles mean, had a pile of fabrics, learned which were what, learned to zig zag, hmmm maybe 2n'3rd and 4the class will be more to my liking should I decide to go.

Guess I should either get up from this couch and do something constructive or plan just to spend the day under a rag quilt playing lazy.


Betty - re: other worker - if it's an easy thing, I'd prefer to talk to the person directly, rather than make a big "to do" about it and involve the supervisor, and apparently he thought it was a big deal, and personally I think he made more of it than necessary...... but, there ya go!!

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