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Creston, CA

This was a cutting from the landfill. Never mind the fool that threw it away, it has rooted well, scars are healing and babies clumping. What is it?

15 ribs. About 4 feet tall. Cleistocatus? Would like the real botanical name.

Many thanks!

Thumbnail by rbinc Thumbnail by rbinc
Seattle, WA

The spines look like Stenocereus thurberi or Pachycereus pringlei?

Creston, CA

They do, but are more tan/brown than the Stenocereus species, which I have always seen as grey/black. It's not a P. pringlei, unless juveniles do not exhibit the wavy ribs of the species.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

It's Echinopsis spachiana

Creston, CA

Quote from Xenomorf :
It's Echinopsis spachiana

You guys are the best. That is indeed my rescued cactus!

Thank you!

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