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What is up with this aloe?

Rothschild, WI

I saved this aloe from a friend of mine and I have no idea what's happening or what it is? Is it an aloe tree of some kind or just an aloe that has a massively long root? There is currently a new spike growing so I know its healthy. I also know it is very old and that it has never had a significant source of light. Any help is appreciated guys!

Thumbnail by planthead42
Staten Island, NY

looks to me like it is an aloe that just has grown a long stem - possibly the reselt of not enough light - looks kinda interesting

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Looks like Aloe vera on a stem. You can try to sprout a new plant if you want by starting with a cut leaf. I am sure there are directions somewhere. Probably: cut off the leaf, let the cut place heal in a mild area (not too hot) overnight, then plant it in some really good draining soil.

Saugerties, NY(Zone 5a)

Maybe this will help

Tempe, AZ

No need to worry planthead! That big long stem is what the Aloe leaves grow on. At some point that long steam had Aloe Vera leaves on it and they have since died and fell off. This is typical for aloe vera plants and just apart of their natural cycle. What you are going to have to do is cut that steam a few inches below where the alive leaves are. Than you are going to peal back the onion like skin until you feel littlle bumps, those are the soon to be roots. Just go ahead and replant that part into your pot of soil and water like normal. Your plant should continue to grow and look more like your typical Aloe Vera plant!

Hope this helps!

Manchester, NH

It's awesome. I would keep your aloe "tree" as is and get another one if you want something more normal. Now I'm wondering how I can make one of my aloe's into a tree!

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