Fine specimen of Strelitzia reginae growing in nj

Milwaukee, WI

Namely mine. I am quite proud of my 25 year-old bird-of-paradise. My plant is probably the finest indoor specimen in the northeast u.s.a. A survivor of Sandy it is. It "weathered" the storm nicely. For years I was stubborn and refrained from feeding my strelitzia and for those years it rarely bloomed but now it gets the nutrients it needs. My bird-of-paradise decided to bloom weeks before Sandy hit and this particular bloom continued to send up orange sepals and blue petals for months in the aftermath of Sandy. It has stopped now and has begun it's deterioration...but lo a new bloom is developing so I will have a new flower going into the spring.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Good to hear your Bird of Paradise made it safely through Sandy.

Milwaukee, WI

Thank you, Diana_K. The new flower has bloomed, 4 orange sepals and 2 blue tongues.

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Staten Island, NY(Zone 7b)

Congrats to you!! Sandy did alot of damage, so it's wonderful to hear stories like this!! Carol =^.^=__?

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