Poets jasmine and Passion flower need some love

Provo, UT

So my neighbors probably think I'm growing pot. I'm growing a Passion flower indoors as well as a poets jasmine. The jasmine has blossomed a few times. I was just curious if I should cut back the stems after it has blossomed. Are there other techniques that will encourage growth and blossom? Likewise with the Passion flower. Also a few of the vines are drying out and have spots. I think it has a fungus. What is the best medicine for my sick little plants? Thank you for the help.--jesse

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Both of these can grow really large when grown outdoors. I am not sure if they grow so fast indoors, but I would work pretty hard to keep them under control. Not let them get out of hand.

While neither species specifically requires that the old flowering stems be removed, that might be one way to keep the plants smaller.

If there is any way to post some pictures of the spots that will help with diagnosis.
If not, then please be very thorough in the description:
Size of spots
Shape of spots
Location (not just 'leaf' but where? Tip? Edges? inside the leaf?...)
Color of spots
Color of leaf near the spots: Are the veins green and the 'spots' are yellow areas between the veins? Are they brown spots surrounded by a 'bulls eye' of yellow or red?
Are the spots dry or wet? do they ooze?
Do the spots fall out leaving a hole in the leaf?
Do you see the same kind of discoloration on the stems, flowers or other parts?

Look through the rest of this forum for pictures of plants (any species) that you might point to and say, "The spots on my plants look like that!" Then read what the problem and solution turned out to be, and see if it applies.

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