February-reminds us of LOVE!! :)

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

It's time for a new thread!!! WE CAME FROM HERE:

I'll start this one out with a photo of my favorite daffodil since this is the time when the daffodils start to bloom--even up here in the southern Misouri Ozrk Mountains. This one is called "Gentle Giant". I wish I had brought one of the bulbs with me from Cabot. I gave one to Bonnie at one of our RU's. I wonder if hers made it and if she has a bulb to spare? Maybe she will come over to this thread or I can always ask her on FB.

Join us here with your photos and chat. Valentine's Day is not far away. Do any of you plan to celebrate in a special way? Al is taking me to one of my favorite restaurants in the area. We are going to go to the Rockbridge Trout Resort which is about 40 miles form our house but they have a wonderful restaurant there and the scenic drive over there is just beautiful. :)

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Karen be sure and check the end of the Jan thread for information on our MG program.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Just marking the thread. Have seen a few daffodils blooming in the area - but none of mine are up yet. Spent a big part of Saturday afternoon working in my foundation bed and made quite a bit of progress, but still not finished. Leigh helped me and we were both really sore yesterday from all that squatting that we aren't used to! :)

He got up at 5 this morning headed to his first day on his new job in LR. He made good time and got there safely...haven't heard how anything else is going.

Marilyn, thanks for starting our new thread. That Rockbridge Trout Resort sounds like a nice place to spend Valentine's.

Can't believe how quickly January flew by!


Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Marilyn the trout restaurant sounds great. I used to go to Tale of the Trout in Rogers any time I was in NW AR.
Actually Valentine's Day is the one day we always eat dinner at home. RIchard used to take me out to eat at a very nice restaurant every Valentine's Day. But it seems everyone in Little Rock goes out to eat on Valentine's Day and they do a lot of special menus. After a couple of really bad very expensive meals, I said let's don't go out on Valentine Day any more! We eat out at least 5 nights a week, sometimes 7. So it's actually gotten to be kind of a treat to eat at home!!! LOL

I do send all my grandkids some Godiva chocolate for Valentine's Day. Better get that bought soon!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Just noticed this post from Jeri. She just posted it on the Jan thread. I'm sure she didn't notice a new thread had been started.

"Mary just got back from the surgeon and she feels like the cancer has returned and could still be ovarian cancer even though Mary has had a complete hysterectomy. They did new blood work called Ca-19 and Mary goes for another PET scan and CT scan Thur. Then we go from there. Prayers please that she is OK!!!

Jeri praying for a good outcome on Thur!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

OH NO! Prayers here being lifted up for Mary! Please keep us posted.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Charlotte, thanks for posting that message from Jeri about Mary. Prayers going up!

Ripley, MS

Maybe the test will show otherwise, we will be praying !

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

That is what I'm praying for Sandra and I have tried to talk her into not getting too upset until we find out for sure. I know that is easier said than done but Mary will make it way worst by the time we find out anything for sure.

Little Rock, AR

Jeri, we'll all be praying for Mary, and you!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I ran into Christine when I went to Hobby Lobby last night. She looked good. Said she has been too busy to post but will try to get on soon. She only has internet at work.

Little Rock, AR

Thanks again everybody for your well wishes on the new grand. Double the joy I say! Won't find out for another 10 weeks if it's a boy or girl.

I talked to Hunter (he'll be 2 in April) on the phone Friday night. He doesn't really talk though. He says "Say Say" (his name for me) and then a bunch of garble and laughs (must be an inside joke). But when I told him I loved him, plain as day he said "I love you" back. He can talk!!!!!!

After a few minutes I told him I needed to hang up and told him bye. He told me bye-bye and disconnected before I knew what was happening. I think he may be far more technologically advanced than I am.

Trish, sounds like you are ready to burst into bloom any day now. I have jonquils blooming and some virburnum buds and that's it!

(karen) Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the info girls I was just wondering how much time and money the MG program involved. Guess I'll just shoot them an email to find out for sure.

Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)

Sorry to hear the news on Mary . Will be praying for her. Congratulations to Marilyn and Al....I am so happy for you !!!!

I have 4 grandkids now ....my daughter Cyndie has 3 of her own plus a stepson....her youngest is a 10 month old girl that just recently started walking ,named Lily Belle. Just found out Cyndie is pregnant again , so we have a fifth grandchild on the way and we are so praying for a boy this go around, after 3 girls

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

What a beautiful family! She is going to have her hands full ! :) Good to have you back Sharon....

Ripley, MS

Yes, I know you are enjoying them Sharon !
Genna, how was the work week for Leigh?

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Great looking family Sharon! Good to see you posting.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Hey Sharon. Thanks for thinking of Mary!!! So glad that you found your way back to us!!! Oh my goodness, Cyndie has a wonderful family going there. I agree that you need a boy this time. How is your gardening going? And how is Max?

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Sorry to hear about Mary ,jeri! I hope her tests come back negative for cancer. What ever happened w Jim? How's he doing ? been along time since I've been here! Hope everybody's doing well.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

We go Wed. for the patches on the blockages on Jim's legs. He had all the skin cancers removed and is healing from that. I ought to take a picture of him right now b/c it looks like I hit him in the eye. He has a perfect black eye with bandages going down the entire right side of his face. The black eye is from the shots we think. The Dr. really shot him up good so it wouldn't hurt. We hear from all of Mary's test on 2/18/13.

How is it going with your new puppy, KA!!! He is a beauty!!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Hey all -
Trying to catch up on the posts. Leigh survived his first week in LR - but came home Monday night and probably totaled his VW beetle because he hit a deer in Bearden - thankfully, he was only about 20 miles from home because I had to call a tow truck, and drive up there to move all the stuff out of his car into my suburban. Then he took my vehicle back to LR. So, I drove our old raggedy work truck the rest of the week. Today he left for Houston to go to Pole School. Please keep him in your prayers..... it is supposed to be a tough school to pass - and it is a pass/fail every day to continue. I am nervous about him going thru it - but praying it will go well for him. We thought it would be a few more weeks before he went - but he starts tomorrow. He should be at his hotel any minute - but I haven't heard from him yet. Last time I heard from him he was still about 20 miles outside of Houston. Thankfully, Kyle brought his car home for him to borrow to take to Houston so I get my vehicle back for the week at least! :) Hopefully will find out something definitive about his car on Monday. He also found out that his new boss is making a LOT of changes in their dept and one is the work schedule. It looks like he might be working a 3:00 - 11:30 p.m shift with some weekend coverage. I sure hope he gets that shift and not the 2 am -- 10:30 am i would REALLY hate that one!! They are supposed to decide who is working what shift this week while Leigh is gone, so I hope he doesn't end up with that one! if he makes it thru this school, he will go back to LR and work a week at the new time - whatever that is - and then will go somewhere else for a safety school. We don't even know where that will be held at. Guess we gotta get thru this week first!

I must say I haven't had much sleep while I have been here alone. Guess it will take some getting used to! But, I haven't had any problems - thank goodness. Just not used to being home alone!

I have a friend who lost her daughter and SIL in a crash on Thursday afternoon. Her and her family are in desperate need of your prayers. They are totally devastated. The girl was only 25 - and her two younger sisters were about to collapse - they could really use all the prayers they can get as they adjust to this life without her there.

Jeri - you should take that picture!! Did you ever find out what a "patch" is? Is it like a bypass or what? never heard of that procedure before. Hope that it all goes well. Praying for Mary to get good news as well!! Also sending prayers and hugs your way because I know your plate is full !!

KA - is Nola spoiled already? :) I am sure she is well on her way!

Hope everyone has a great evening!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Genna sounds like you all had a rough week!! Hope things get better. South AR roads always scare me to drive from dusk dark on. Always seem to be deer!! You and Leigh were probably having a hard time adjusting to not having any kids around and now it's down to just you!! This is the time to tackle all those projects you've never had time for before. Clean out the house, etc! I lived by myself for about 6 years and actually enjoyed it.

Yes Sarah, Hunter will pass you by technologically!!!! Amazing what toddlers can do with computers!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

(((Genna))) Sounds like a nightmare to me. Pinch yourself, so you wake up. I'm so sorry that you and Leigh are having to go thru all this. Yall are in my prayers as well as your friend and her family.

You are gonna laugh at this one. We went to church this morning and in the sermon, the preacher said if you want a black eye, tell your wife she is a big fat pig. So when we went to shake hands on the way out, I was 1st and then Jim and I told the preacher that I bet he didn't call me that again. LOL!!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Jeri, LOL, that's funny that the preacher said that Sunday of all days when Jim had the black eye!

Genna, it does sounds like y'all had a rough week. Glad the deer didn't win and Leigh is ok. Hope you will adjust to being by yourself, but it can be scary. Do like Charlotte says and keep busy doing those little jobs you haven't had time to do before, even if you only spend 30 minutes or an hour at a time, it's amazing how quickly those drawers and closets will be cleaned out before spring and summer. Maybe your church has a yoga or exercise class you can go to on the way home that is free or doesn't cost much. It will make you feel better and relax after work and is good for you too. Do something now and then for yourself!

Well, I go to the orthopedic doc tomorrow afternoon about my knee. I saw one in Park City and he recommended I get an MRI when I got home and see a sports orthopedic doc. He said I tore my ACL. I pretty much knew I did when I fell since I tore the right knee ACL 22 years ago. I guess between me and Lindsay Vonn, we have 2 good legs between us, lol. I'm probably looking at ACL reconstruction again so I know what I'll be dealing with. I've been walking without crutches, as recommended, and using the stationary bike and doing some mild exercises to keep it mobile as possible and use the muscles. Will keep you posted. The sooner the better so I can start the healing and rehab.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Prayers going up for all the victims of last nights storms.

I didn't realize your knee was that bad. Doesn't it take a while for the ACL to heal even with surgery?

It was funny, Elaine!!! We are in a series call "The Vow" and Bro. Jay was giving examples of what to do and WHAT NOT TO DO to keep relationships alive and well.

That will probably be a first Genna if you actually do something for yourself for a change.

Stay safe my friends. Our weather is suppose to be bad for a couple more days.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine sorry about your knees but sounds like you know how to handle it.

Genna this is also a good time to reconnect with old girlfriends. It's easy to lose touch when you are busy working and raising kids. Make some calls to old friends in the evening. Have a girls night and invite a couple of ladies over. Like Elaine said do some things for yourself. A guy in my small group at church sung a song he had written a few weeks ago. It was about the peaks and valleys of life. We all go through them. Your in a valley right now but a peak is ahead of you.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri we did across post forgot to say that was really funny about the preacher.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Jeri, I would have been laughing out loud in church probably. Of course, with our preacher, he would have probably pointed to Leigh and said this is exactly what I am talking about!

Thanks everyone. I had a long list of stuff I planned to do last week - but Tuesday was a total bust because of some issues I had with Leigh's old truck. Had to go to my BIL's house for help and ended up not even getting home until after 8:30! Then I hadn't left any lights on, etc because I wasn't planning on coming in after dark.... and on and on. I didn't accomplish much the rest of the week. But, yesterday after everyone left I did get a few things done. Nothing radical - but it was things that never seem to get done, and I hope to make further progress tonight. I agree, if I can just do 30 minuted to an hr - after several weeks I should be able to tell a difference! :)

Elaine, sorry to hear you tore your ACL. Hope they are able to get it repaired quickly so that you can get on the mend! I know you want to be good to go when the nice spring weather arrives! Hope you enjoyed your trip - even with the bum knee.

Thought I would hear something today about Leigh's car - but still no definitive word on whether it is totaled or if they are going to repair it. :( Maybe tomorrow...........

Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!

Little Rock, AR

So sorry about your knee Elaine. My son hurt his playing soccer & had orthoscopic surgery. I think he was back playing soccer in 2-3 weeks but here' s hoping you don't have to have surgery!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

I don't know how I manage to get so far behind!
Elaine, so sorry about your knee! Hope everything works out in a satisfactory way for you.

Jeri: tell Jim we are thinking about him, too. That's a likely story about the black eye!! Did your preacher believe you?

Genna: things have got to get better for you and Leigh soon! Hugs to both of you!! Psalm 4:8 is a good verse to pray over yourself at night when you go to bed. When I was living alone, I prayed that verse over myself every night and I was able to fall asleep with no problem. I also had one of my lamps in my living room plugged into a timer that I set to come on at a certain time in the evening and to turn itself off later on. You might want to invest in a timer, too. They aren't that expensive and should you come home later than you expect, there will always be a light on so you won't have to go into a dark house.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

This picture of Jim was taken at dinner tonight. We are calling it "Rappin Grandpa". It was so cold that Jimmy went to his car and lent his dad his jacket. The kids all thought it was funny and took pictures so Chris added his hat sideways to complete the look. Black eye from Jim's skin cancer surgery last Thur.

Please remember Jim in prayer. His leg surgery is in the AM.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Boy he does have a shiner!! Praying that all goes well tomorrow!

I went to an auction tonight and all the employees were decked out for mardi gras!! One ringer had a purple hat with all kind of stuff on it. So many beads you couldn't tell what his shirt looked like and he even had a big wide bracelet. You would have loved it Jeri!

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Sorry. I never got back here. Praying for Jim tomorrow. I miss alot by not getting over here much. I feel bad about that. I'm burning out at work. Need some time off !! Taking off on valentines day to spend the day in little rock w my daughter. but working alot , need for it to slow down so the boss will schedule me getting off early in the day. But that won't happen Til I get all the club jersies done for Harding students.

Nola is so sweet. Not so sweet tonight , she peed on my couch!!!! Ugg. She will quickly become Danny's dog if I'm not careful lol. He spends more time w her than I do. Darren puppy sits alot during the day when he's not sleeping.
She's a really good dog though. Trying to get all the puppy lovin I can from her. She'll grow up fast!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Prayers for Jim today, Jeri. I didn't get to this thread last night. Hope all goes well. Did they tell him to wear compression socks after his surgery? I went to the doc yesterday and he told me to do that after my surgery.

Kathy-Ann, your Nola looks so sweet and is a beautiful dog, but puppies!! Well, our neighbor is keeping a 6-7 month old yellow lab for their son's family until he grows up a bit. He and our Sarge have become good friends, but Mason is visiting our house a little too much, unsupervised. I found a big hole in my new landscaping today and a couple of new shrubs have branches broken off where he plowed through them. I hate to say anything but may have to. The hold must be at least 8" deep next to a new azalea and there is dirt and mulch all over the driveway. And it's been raining so of course it's mud really. He was in the yard a couple of weeks ago when I got home and came up to love on me, and I had to take a pair of pants to the cleaners that I had just gotten out! Had dog hair and slobber all over them.

Oh yes, I'm having my knee surgery next Wednesday, Feb 20th. He said I'd be able to drive after a couple of days and only on crutches for a few days. I dread that more than anything, but at least I'll be home and there isn't much to do. He gave me a form to get a temp diabled parking placard so I can really feel old now, lol! Then I'll have rehab for about 3-4 weeks, 3 times/week. I've done this before, so I pretty much know what to expect. He did tell me to wear compression socks for several days after the surgery and whenever I travel by air, especially long distances. He said he wears them when he does surgery. Who knew? It's supposed to help prevent blood clots. I know a lot of docs recommend them for post-surgery, so listen-up girls!! Probably not a bad idea even for long car trips. Don't want to take any chances.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Nola does look so cute!!! The puppy stage is what I hate going through with a new dog. Samantha chewed on every chair rung on my chairs in the breakfast area. Nine years later I still haven't fixed them!!! Maybe I'll do that this summer! Charlie ripped up the carpet (only weighed about 3 lbs at the time!) around the door in two doorways upstairs. Thank goodness I had a piece of left over carpet and a carpet guy repair it. But they are so cute you can't stay mad long!!

Sounds like you've ready to get your surgery over with Elaine. Doesn't sound like you will have too long a recovery time. Back in the day when we wore panty hose I used to have some support hose I would wear when I was going to be on my feet a long time. Guess they were sort of like compression socks. I haven't had a pair of panty hose on in a number of years now! But the compression socks are probably a good idea for certain times.

Jeri let us know how Jim's surgery goes today!

Ripley, MS

Elaine, take care after that surgery, you really need your knees !!! I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus, before Cayla was even born, it was so bad they had to open it up and it was HORRIBLE ! I am glad they can do more things now without opening the knee.
Kathy Ann, Eli is chewing things too--he keeps something in his mouth and I really have to watch him now. He can roll all over the floor and is trying to crawl, he got one of his top teeth through and working on the next one.
Let us know about rapping gramps when you can Jeri

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Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Errr, Sandra---I think that is supposed to be "rapping" gramps! LOL

Jeri: prayers for Jim today and for you, too! Keep us posted, please.

Elaine: prayers for you as well for the up-coming knee surgery.

Hugs to all!

Ripley, MS

I edited Marilyn, thanks for keeping me straight--I know it is a hard job, but someone has to do it!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Sandra: Yep--keeping you straight is one of my hardest jobs!! :D ROFL


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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Jeri, I just saw on FB where his surgery went well ! I am glad! I wasn't on either place yesterday. I was up late Tuesday night fixing some Valentine goodies for the kids - tried out two new recipes, and attempted decorated cookies again! They did NOT turn out like I had planned and ate up a TREMENDOUS amount of time. I put Alex and Natalie's box in the mail yesterday and then I took Kyle and Jessica's goodies to them last night and we went out to eat. Ended up my SIL joined us last night for supper and we had a good visit.

Leigh has been dealing with pole school all week - it has been extremely rough on him! Of course, most of the people are in their 20s or 30s. He has been working out his shoulders every morning since he started rehab after he had shoulder surgery. Not a lot of weight, but consistent workouts with the elastic bands and slowly adding some weight. Thank goodness he has been doing that because he said this has really put his shoulders and arms thru a workout! He said he would never have made it had he not been doing that consistently. He had raw places rubbed on his legs from the way the spikes strap on - one guy warned him about that before he went, and suggested that IF he had that problem that he go buy some skin guards and turn them sideways. Since Leigh has such huge calfs - skinn guards probably would not have worked so he bought some knee pads and turned them to the outside of his leg where the rubbing was occuring. He said it worked wonders! His knees have taken a beating in this too - but so far are holding up. He passed the 6' test and step pole test on Tuesday, the 12' on Wednesday, and he just texted me that he passed the 18' this morning first thing! YAY! Now, he has the EOT (don't know what that stands for) but he has to go back up the pole to approximately 16' and put this large bolt/screw type thing in place. Not sure if it is hammered in place or screwed in place. I think it is actually driven in place. But, once it is 'in place' appropriately, then they have to unscrew it to take it out of the pole. This is an exercise to show they can "perform a work task" while on the pole - which of course, is supposed to be the point of the course! He will attempt it this morning also - although I suggested he try to rest a while since he just did the 18' climb. But, if he passes it - he is finished !! :) still has paperwork type stuff to do - and they still have to be at class this afternoon for some things and in the morning, but he will have passed! So, please say one more prayer. Also, just wanted to say, I am really proud of him. Although this has been REALLY hard on him physically..... he has NOT been the last in the class to perform any testing! He has passed testing that others have failed and had to repeat! I think that has helped him tremendously. I think he thought everyone would be waiting on him - and that would just increase the stress level. But, last night he was one of 5 (out of 20) that had not tested on 18'. He said he started to yesterday, but every time he went up to 18' he didn't feel like his excution of "going around" the pole was good because the pole was swaying so much more at 18' than it did at 12'. I don't like swaying.... so I am not sure I could have ever accomplished this! Of course, I am not sure he could have accomplished it either without so many prayers! Had lots of friends and family praying for his safety and success. I really appreciate ya'lls help in that!! There was a man severely injured about 6 mos ago in the step pole test because they aren't fastened on during that test on the way up and down and the guy fell from about 12' up. I was glad I didn't know that until AFTER he had already taken and passed the test! :)

Elaine, hope your surgery goes well. Sounds like you know what to expect and will be on the mend quickly! Be ready for spring yard work in no time! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Valentine's Day! Love you all!

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