SOLVED: Beautiful seed pods from what palm?

Big Coppitt Key, FL

I hope someone recognizes these seed pods and can tell me what palm tree they come from.

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Groveland, FL

adonidia palm?

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I agree with Nel5397

Big Coppitt Key, FL

if the adonidia is the palm i call the Christmas Palm than that is not the one.
these seeds are much bigger than those on a Christmas palm.

Darwin, Australia

Without photos of leaves, trunk or crownshaft, the two most likely possibilities I can think of are:

Wodyetia bifurcata, Foxtail Palm or

Areca catechu, Betel Nut

Big Coppitt Key, FL

dear darwiniensis, it's been a very long time since i saw the actual palm, but thw woman who gave me the seeds thought it was a foxtail and when i googles Wodyetia bifurcata seed pods there were images that matched mine. i am most grateful as i have photographed the seeds in my work, and did not want to mis label them.

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Kerrville, TX

Hello Folks,
I have been interested in Palms for 30 years, but primarily what would survive my, then climate of southern NMex, at over 4331'. Anyway, now have a renewed interest in the Palms/Cycad types, after moving to the Hill Country of Tex. I am sure this has been asked a thousand times, but for those inexperienced it is the first time. Bought these seeds in March, they were a darker red, oval, with a 'nipple' on one end, but w/o the 'Acorn' cap on the other end. They were described as: ' TRUE KING Palm LIME Green Neck Christmas Tree Palm Live Seeds 20 Key West FL'. Since I had never heard of a Christ. Palm, I discounted it, and relied on King Palm. So, what the heck have I got?
If I can do it, I will add pics. I added pics, but somehow it appears that Dave's Gardens has acquired an element of ownership. I did not intend this, nor did I ask for this, plus it occludes reasonable view of the pictures!

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