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I need some help

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Today I received notification that they will install Acer macrophyllum as a street tree along the street in downtown Vancouver very near me. I need to submit a thorough complaint to the City of Vancouver for choosing an inappropriate tree for downtown environs. It all stems from an individual who is "native this" and "native that" but makes many errors in choosing plants and location plantings. Just because something is native doesn't mean it is right. The Big Leaf Maple is a significant tree that casts a large shadow, robust root system that will damage sidewalks and is susceptible to "crotch rot". The litter itself from the tree is significant. Don't get me wrong, I love this tree. A boulevard planting is just the wrong spot. I could really use everyone's help to write a very thorough complaint letter and have it published in the Vancouver Sun and sent to the Mayor of Vancouver. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I'm already getting good progress. I found which lists Acer macrophyllum as a prohibited species "City Ordinance No. 90047". In Trees of Seattle, Arthur Lee Jacobson, he states, "Around 1900, it was our most widely planted street-tree, but due to the ruinous effoects of root-heaving on adjacent sidewalks, its use as a street-tree is now illegal by City Ordinance." I wonder how much leaf-litter a mature tree produces, particularly considering the leaves are so large. It would be helpful to estimate a tonage of debris.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Quote from growin :
I wonder how much leaf-litter a mature tree produces, particularly considering the leaves are so large. It would be helpful to estimate a tonage of debris.

Not much different to other trees of similar size. The leaves are large, but there's fewer of them than there are on a small-leaved tree.

Around here, Acer pseudoplatanus - a similar-sized maple - is much used as a street tree, and doesn't give many problems, apart from a small amount of root-heave pavement lifting. I'd not be so worried about Acer macrophyllum.


Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Well, this tree sends out tons of samaras and germinates between pavers, at the edge of sidewalks, in roof gutters, etc. As a tree for wide open spaces, it is a fantastic tree but ofr a 4' boulevard, it is a poor choice that will end up costing tax payers signicant money for repairs, limb pruning and eventually removal. I'm surprised the city approved such a tree in this location considering a mature tree was "de-limbed" last year due to brittle large branches that were falling in high winds. I guess they grow differently in their native haunts than in the UK.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

We have several parkway ash trees that have been dying over the last two years. The city inspected the trees recently saying that they'll be back to take a look in the spring. Watching these trees die fills me with dread--but it also gets me thinking about replacements, which is absorbing. And about negotiations with the Forestry Department.


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