about face sending up 9 ft tall sprouts! what to do!

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

I just planted an 'about face'. Right now its sending up shoots that are growing super fast to 9 ft tall! Should i prune these back to 18" or so and pretend its not happening or is this a rose i should allow to be taller (pruning back to about 4 feet) like i do the grandiflora i have in the back yard?

Richmond, TX

I would stand back and get out of her way!

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Sight unseen, it sounds like the root stock of your rose is the culprit.
Ck. to see if this crazy growth is coming from below the bud union of the plant. If it is, it's the root stock taking over...in which case you'll want to remove the huge sprouts.

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

Upon further examination it looks like shoots like this were growing last year and were headed back by the grower at about 8" then new growth was thinner and more branching. I'll do the same. i should have looked closer before asking. Thanks guys.

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