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Air in water at kitchen sink faucet.


Have a ssslllooowww drip from double wide fridge Thru-Door water outlet. Salesman at Lowe's claims this happens if air is getting into the water line.

So far I find no leak anywhere. The water at kitchen sink is getting a LOT of air spitting out with each use.

I haven't looked yet as the weather has been bad. But I think there may be air coming in at the water meter. If so, there ought to be a water leak and wet ground around the meter box. I see no water running at all, anywhere.
I would think if air gets into the line when drawing water, there would be water leaking out at all other times. The water comes from city water line.

Any ideas?

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

any construction going on in your neighborhood?

do any neighbors have a similar problem?

Saraland, AL(Zone 8b)

The water service coming from the main to the meter and to the house is pressurized. There won't be a vacuum to pull air into the lines.

Normally air get introduced into the plumbing from either a repair or addition where the lines are cut and put back together. Let the water faucets run wide open for about 10 to 15 minutes to clear out the air. If it keep coming back it might be coming from the water main and you'll to inform the water works.

Ridgefield, United States

Keep the tap open of kitchen sink for half an hr. Most of the time air pressure generates at the sink pipes due to multiple times usage. For more info check out this:

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