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SOLVED: What are these trees/shrubs?

Portland, OR

Hello all,

I'm brand new to gardening and am taking a once-monthly class to help me get started. My "homework" is to identify the two large trees/shrubs in the back corners of my yard that cast shade over the yard, and how tall they are.

Here are photos of the first one:
And a close up of the leaves:
This one looks like a shrub to me because of the cluster base vs trunk. My dad thought it might be a lilac.

Here is the other:
Close up:
And the trunk now that the leaves are gone:

The leaves on the first one are gone, too.

Any ideas? Also, any advice on how to figure out how tall they are?


Groveland, FL

The first one looks like a Lilac. The second one is a Redbud.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Why don't you just google "figure out height of a tree" and take it from there?

Portland, OR

Thanks everyone!

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