SOLVED: Help Identifying if this is an edible ginger in my backyard?

Hayden, AL(Zone 8b)

This was in bad shape when we moved here to Pensacola, Fl. After almost 2 years it is 11/2' tall and spreading. I haven't seen any flowers. Last year it died back with some cold, but this year so far is so mild it hasn't died back much. It likes shady, partly shady spots. The pictures are of a young root I put out front. The old plants in back yard have the big root that look like the grocery store. Until I know, I think I'll just get a root from the store:). Thanks, I would appreciate any help.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

There are only a few of the more than 1300 gingers that are considered edible. When you look at the grocery, look for a firm, light colored rhizome as those are the freshest and have the best chance of rooting and growing. I am not sure which plant you have, but here is some info for you.

Zingiber officinale is the species called edible ginger.

Alpinia galanga (Thai ginger)

Curcuma longa (tumeric)

Elettaria species Cardamon (cardamom)

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