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CLOSED: Tomato Craters give you big beautiful Tomatoes!

Bemidji, MN(Zone 3a)

Helps warm the soil and radiate heat to the plant.
Helps control weed, eliminates weeding next to the plant.
Helps control cutworms and other ground insects.
Can be used with round or square suport cages.
Very durable for use year after year.
Works great for peppers and eggplant too!

Gardners have been useing the Tomato Crater with great results since 1997.
They have been used with all kinds of plants and will save garden space.
We grew lots of peppers in a space 4 feet X 4 feet,( see photo)!

Buy at!

Thumbnail by mnzone3 Thumbnail by mnzone3 Thumbnail by mnzone3

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