SOLVED: More palm...

Seattle, WA

Photos taken in Las Vegas...


Thumbnail by vngarden Thumbnail by vngarden Thumbnail by vngarden
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Maybe Brahea armata?


Seattle, WA

I thought it could be a species of Coccothrinax?

San Francisco, CA

ditto to B. armata; not likely a Cocothrinax would make it in LV

Bristol, United Kingdom

Butia capitata?

Seattle, WA

Thanks for the id. It is a Brahea armata. I also photographed B. capitata in Las Vegas. The leaves look the same but the trunks are much different.

Seattle, WA

Could this also be a Bismarckia nobilis?

San Francisco, CA

it does have a similar look to that but I'm sure Bismarckia would not like LV frosts.

Seattle, WA

It is really frustrating to id palms. They look so similar. Thanks for the help.

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