Want fewer catbirds


How can these be discouraged from our yard? They fight off other nesting types.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Why would you try to discourage them? They have a right to live where they want just like any other bird, and they mostly feed on insects which makes them a friend to me as a gardener


I asked a question.
I would like other birds to frequent our yard.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

There is a very good forum named Bird Watching. Therein are participants who know all about catbirds and all the other types you might be interested in.

You ought to post your question there.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

If you want other birds to frequent your yard you need to attract them, either by the food you offer or the birdhouses you have, each type of bird likes certain houses and certain food, catbirds don't usually come to seed feeders, so you won't have more attracted by them

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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

and here's a chart for size birdhouses

you also need to have a water source

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

RESORT2ME Unfortunately, we honestly cant pick and chew what type of birds frequent our gardens any more that I can select the squirrel's that chomp away my bird feeder or the deer that demolish my shrubs, prized Roses ect.
All we can do is make is difficult for them to visit, IF bird feed is what is attracting the birds you dislike, it is a case of trying to make it harden for them to reach the feed, I hang up-turned Wire Flower baskets on top of feeders, this means the larger birds like crows cant get onto feeder but little birds still can.
IF they are feeding on insects, then they will honestly NOT be harming the birds who visit for the seeds and bird feed you are supplying for them.

Nature has it's own way of fixing out any predatory positions or pecking orders that happen the world over between different types of birds, animals etc, I know when the Squirrels come sit inside the containers I hang up filled with bird cakes I make from melted fat and bird seeds / fruits ect, the woodpecker will only cling onto the wooden post for so long before it decides to jump onto the feeder and the Squirrel takes off like a bat out of hell, so would I with a long sharp beak about to poke me in the head / eye.

I have no idea what-so-ever what family of bird the catbird belongs to, but Hawks, Buzzards, Song Thrushes, Blackbirds, Crows, Finches, Robins, Wrens to name just a few all visit my garden, the Hawks, Buzzards don't trouble the little birds as they usually search for moles, voles etc, the Sparrow Hawks however are self explanatory, and will swoop down and try grab one of the little birds who all scarper off when they see one of those large birds, I place the feeders very close to shrubs /trees ect that offer shelter/ protection for the other birds and the Hawk takes off for more fruitful places to hunt, Yes there will always be the odd time where the Hawks can take one of the little birds but hey, I eat lamb, beef, pork, Chicken ect, so let's be real about ALL creatures feeding.

As stated before, seed / fruit feeders wont bother the birds that want to eat insects UNLESS times are really hard in winter where it becomes the desperation times and survival of the fittest.
In communities where there are humans, it very rarely reaches desperation stage by fact that we humans are not good at clearing / hiding all waste and birds will seek crumbs, insects, seeds, berry's, for survival no matter where in the world,

I would suggest you look further into why the other birds are not visiting your garden, is there a cat / dog, or other animal very close by, like your neighbours pets ect, also look see IF you have created the right environment for ALL the birds, garden birds dont like too open spaces without branches, foliage etc to take refuge IF predators are around, this also allows the birds to take turns feeding in a safe area.
Also have you sited your feeders where the bird hear you or other humans too close, it's a case of reading, learning and adjusting to the wildlife's needs rather than expecting them to adapt to our ways. I absolutely love all the wildlife that visit my area but believe me, I'm still learning about there needs and habitat, even those pest deer are a joy at times.
Hope you can find ways to sort out the problem your having but honestly, I will be more than surprised IF it has anything to do with one single type of bird.
Good luck. WeeNel.


I do realize our yard has trees and shrubbery all around, but lots of open grass in the middle. Nothing for bird nesting or protection for 80 feet in all directions.

Catbirds survey the whole area from the house and shed rooftops. They swoop down to chase off others.

Anyway, I know Walmart parking lots used to have seagulls and now I see non there. I see Farm Supply has owl decoys. What are they good for?

I'll look into how to attract Cardinals.

Thanks for your kind words. Robert

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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

all those surrounding trees are perfect for nesting

You can put up birdhouses on posts

Decoy owls are used for rodent repellent and to scare away birds(but will scare away ALL birds)

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Robert, we managed to chase away most of the squirrels and crows invading the garden with one of the large water blaster water guns....it shoots a pressurized stream of water 30+ feet. I also use a slingshot with acorns for ammo. The water and acorns do not do any damage, but they certainly startle the heck out of the critters and after a while, they seek a more amenable place to hang out.


I just don't like them attacking the cardinals that try nesting. I guess they don't like cardinals for some reason. The bluebirds occupy houses OK. Plenty of sparrows and robins all the time.

The water cannon might be fun to try. Ya think it would penetrate thier "thick" brain if wet down occasionally? lol

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Birds startle easily...and they prefer places that are "undisturbed"...that being said, I think I have never seen a bird as persistent as crows or buzzards...and neither of them like the Water Blaster....grin I consider it a humane way of serving an eviction notice...so, with a bit of diligence I think even the cat birds will catch on...

Do continue to provide spaces for the cardinals....we gave up on traditional feeders here. Now we just put sunflower seeds in a clear open place in the driveway and every morning and evening we have a polyglot of diners...Chikadees wrens finches...Cardinals doves and bluejays all manage to eat together....crow free.

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