SOLVED: Nice plant, just need ID please...

Harrison, AR

This is growing in a flower bed in S. Texas and presumed to be planted and not a wild, native plant. Leaves are approx. 6-8" long. In summer the blooms are small and purple. Sorry, I don't have a lot more info since this was provided by a family member living down there. This picture was taken this past Christmas. The picture is a composite of three shots.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Thumbnail by ozarkie
Seattle, WA

Looks like Cyperus?

San Francisco, CA

I concur on Cyperus, likely C. textilis. It does not have purple flowers, however.

Harrison, AR

The relative indicated it had tiny purple flowers, but I will double-check and be sure they weren't confusing this with another plant. Certainly looks like Cyperus...thanks all.

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