Nurseries - North Georgia?

Bethlehem, GA(Zone 7b)

I'm new to Georgia and was hoping for some recommendations for a few great nurseries. I live between Atlanta and Athens and don't mind a drive.

Thanks in advance

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Welcome. Are you looking for anything in particular? There are daylily growers, fruit tree growers and perennial growers. Have you looked on line at the Farmer's & Consumers Market Bulletin? This has been a great resource for me in the past. Also, keep an eye out for Round Ups around the state. It's a great way to acquire new garden plants. I know Donna is trying to organize one for south Georgia in late summer/fall. I will try to do one early this summer.

Bethlehem, GA(Zone 7b)

Thank you for the link.

We bought a forclosure so it needs all kinds of love. I'm currently looking for fruit trees and some perennial and annuals for the front of our house. All that is out there right now is a dogwood and some box hedges. So it's pretty boring.

I already bought a ton of seeds for the back vegetable garden.


Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I see you are new to Dave's Garden and want to say, "Welcome!". The Georgia forum gardeners are spread out but we are a friendly group. There will be opportunities for you to meet some very knowledgeable folks here.

Our cottage, Maypop, was acquired in foreclosure. Twenty three years later it has been well loved and well worn. We have hosted a RU (Round Up), or garden gathering and swap, for the past three years and will most likely be hosting another in early June. There will be lots of plants and seed available as well as an opportunity to meet fellow DGers. You don't have to swap anything. There is always so much and such generous people. Maypop is outside of Cleveland which is less than an hour from you.

I'll put on my thinking cap about the fruit trees. There's a famous grower/hybridizerr in the area but I can't recall where my contact info is. Usually Lowes has a variety of pears, apples, plums, etc. in Spring for reasonable prices. I primarily grow veggies, herbs and naturalized perennials. I will have tomatoes, peppers and maybe eggplants at that time as well as a dig your own opportunity for daylilies and iris. I grow a large variety of beans and have seed to share. I also have both perennial and annual herbs. Others here are great at making cuttings from shrubs or growing more exotic garden fare.

Grantville, GA

Hi. I'm fairly new to the area so I have a lot to learn about Ga gardening. I think a RU sounds like a great time. I live in Newnan, Ga. Just south of Atlanta. I have had some success with most things but have been struggling with shade plants. But what I was really curious about is mint. I tried to order some from Cook's Garden and they said they cannot ship to Ga. I'm assuming it is invasive? So I am trying to find a source for some pineapple mint. Also, someone gave me some cuttings of pineapple sage that I was able to root and planted this fall thinking it is a perennial here. Am I correct in that and it WILL come back.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi, abhege. I have several mints but not pineapple. Most mints are very hardy. As for the pineapple sage, not so hardy. It may survive a winter or two but really needs to be further south. Donna, who has posted wanting to do a Fall RU, probably has some sages good for your zone. Look at her site in the market. Mint is not so invasive that it would be on an invasive species list as far as I know so I son't know why Cook"s won't ship to you.

I think we have been committed to do a RU in June. :) Would love for you to come.

Grantville, GA

MaypopLaurel, thanks for the info. I'm going to have to check around with some other places to find out if they ship mint to GA. As it is, I ordered it for it to be sent to my daughter in MI. and when I visit her I may just have to take it home with me. : - ) I will plan on coming to the RU in June. This morning I met a lady who advertised plants on Craigs list and who has Alstromeria, something I have been trying to grow for years from seed. I bought some from her and she sent me to a friend's just down the road in Dunwoody. What a gem of a person! She loaded me up with plants and she has pineapple mint that is just starting to peek through the pine straw mulch. She told me she has attended many RUs and they are loads of fun. I will look at Donna's site. So much to see here! I get sidetracked. LOL!

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Have you tried this place? They have both pineapple mint and pineapple sage.

Among the usual reasons for limitations in plant shipments is the company does not have a license, which they pay for, to ship to particular states. Also, some growers do not ship plants in winter months.

I did further research on the pineapple sage and it is indeed a tender perrenial; able to handle light frost but not a hard freeze.

Many farmer's markets in and surrounding Atlanta have herb vendors come Spring. You might do some internet research for Atlanta farmer's markets or N. GA. farmer's markets and look for live plant vendors. This is a place several of us went to at a mini-RU a few years ago. I see they still have contact information. They might advise you.

Grantville, GA

Well, I also ordered the purple strawberry and they can ship that to GA so I just assumed mint couldn't be because it is considered invasive. I didn't really try anywhere else except to post on message boards.

I actually sell at the Peachtree City Farmer's Market and there are a couple of people there I may be able to get some mint from. That's where I got the pineapple sage cuttings.

Woodstock, GA(Zone 7a)

To May Pop Laurel, Thank you for your explanation of RUs (Plant Round Ups). I have repeatedly seen that reference on DG and could not figure it out! I will look forward to yours and to the one in South Atlanta as I am a lover of Salvia greggi ;-)

I recall a family name Lawson in the Ball Ground area that did a lot with apple trees, may help Heathen Girl.

Clematis are my favorite plants. Enjoying the forums here!

Georgia Gardenscapes

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Grantville, GA


We got our fruit trees from Isons. They are local but we actually ordered online. We've done both, gone to them and ordered online.

Looks like I'm going to be out of luck for the RU, it's a Saturday which is our market day. Darn!

I found orange and chocolate mint at Home Depot! And I also discovered two pineapple sage I tucked in the GH and they survived and one is already blossoming! Yay!

Thanks for all the info. I will tuck it away for later use!

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

So sorry, Abhege. I don't know your market hours but people arrive throughout the day as many are traveling from far corners. Some even come from other states. We don't throw everyone out at 4 p.m. so if you can get to us in the afternoon and spend a few hours you can arrange your trades in advance and have your plants waiting for you. I'm guessing it would take you about two and a half hours to get to us on a Saturday.

Grantville, GA

Oh, that's a is over at 1:00 so if we hurried up and packed up things...hopefully we won't have a lot of stuff left over. can you remind me, when are you doing RU again?

And winterlyn mentioned one in south Atlanta?

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I have started the thread here Gapeahen (Donna) has a RU thread started for those interested in a Fall RU at her place in South Georgia (not S. Atlanta). Check out my thread for particulars and let me know on that thread, or by DMail, if you can come.

Dahlonega, GA(Zone 7b)

The Athens-Atlanta corridor is loaded with 1st class nurseries.

One of my favorites is near Bishop GA, about 15 minutes from Athens. There are 3-4 other nurseries in the immediate area, as well.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I'm looking for blue wild phlox that grows in Georgia, that is like a groundcover plant. Can somebody tell me where I can find seeds for this plant or somebody willing to share some clumps. I am more then willing to pay any shipping cost.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

If you are looking for P. divaricata, there are nurseries up your way with online sites. Is that the species you are seeking? We grow several wild phlox species on our property here in N. GA.. P. divaricata goes from bluish to lilac and violet. Some is so pale it's almost white. They are very slow growing and we treasure what we have. Seed is long gone for this year and would take years for you to establish. Try North Creek They may be wholesale but suggest a retail source.

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