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green onions, lettuce and beets

Madras, OR

could not wait, put a few seeds of each in a sheltered spot. The rhubarb is peeking through, lettuce that went to seed last year is showing sprouts, and berry vines are showing leaf buds............way early but I was tempted. Will start tomatoes, peppers, and egg plant this week in the house. Next week the supplies for the greenhouse will and tiedowns, etc

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I have some lettuce in a mini greenhouse , The garden bug bites early yes it surely does , I have a couple months to go before my plants are outside , some will have set fruit by then.. Planted a couple of raspberry plants, and have huckleberry seedlings with tomato plants ...

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

This year I started the peppers and a few early flowers first . lets hear some Green plans
Beets, Radish,lettuce , A few weeks and counting ,
Onions are in winter sow for a few real early green onions .
I really impatient for spring to start this year ..
lets hear some Green Plans ....^_^

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