Insect eggs on rose

Orlando, FL(Zone 10a)

Today I went out to give the rose bush its annual cut. (This is February in Orlando, FL, and we haven't had a "real" winter yet this year, even for us.) At the end of this tiny little branch only - this section is no more than 4" long, if that - was a bunch of tiny white insect eggs. Definitely not scale. These tiny white eggs are no larger than butterfly eggs, smooth, and round. There are easily 200 of them, arranged in perfectly neat rows; they're on one side of the branch only. No insects were in the vicinity and this occurred only on this one branch. This rose bush isn't very close to any other plants. It's a mature bush, 15 - 20 years old. (Every Feb I cut it back hard to slightly over knee high & just over 2' across. It rewards me with tons of little blooms. I think it's a "Pink Pet".) Any idea what these eggs may become?

As an afterthought, I put this cutting in a ziplock bag...maybe they'll hatch.

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Minot, ND

Could be moth eggs, but no idea as to which species...

Orlando, FL(Zone 10a)

After posting this I remembered that I would be attending a garden class tonight, so I saved the cutting in a ziploc bag. The instructor, who has been a local gardening guru for about 40 years, suspected they were "stink bug" eggs. (Eww!!! How could such an unpleasant bug lay such an orderly arrangement of eggs!) Just in case, they'll go in the garbage still contained in that bag.

Do moths lay eggs in bunches? I thought most butterflies lay theirs least it appears that the monarchs in my garden do.

Thank you.

Madison, WI

Must've been some stinkbug!!

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