What is this indoor tropical?

Costa Mesa, CA

I purchased this plant from a store where no one knew what it was. It was the only one there of its kind and the information on it only read "premium tropical foliage - bright indirect light - water 2x per week".

The leaves are very round/oval in shape, dark green with red at the edges and in the veins. The stalk of the plant is woody and trunk-like. It stands about 1.5 feet tall from the soil up. When I purchased it, it had been groomed so that all of the woody stalks were cut back and the nubs painted red. The new leaves were sprouting around these trimmed areas. The leaves are thin, tend to curl into a slight bowl shape, and they are somewhat glossy. The base of the woody plant is bulb-like.

I have watered it about once a week and kept it near a window with partial sun, and it has grown considerably in the past few weeks.

Please help me ID it!

Costa Mesa, CA

I attached 5 images but they aren't showing up...

Thumbnail by Snowwinkle Thumbnail by Snowwinkle Thumbnail by Snowwinkle Thumbnail by Snowwinkle
Costa Mesa, CA

Last one showing the branches...

Thumbnail by Snowwinkle
San Francisco, CA

"dinner-plate aralia" - Polyscias scutellaria cv.

Costa Mesa, CA

Thank you!!

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