Chinese Elm, Lacebark Elm (Ulmus parvifolia)

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

Chinese Elm, Lacebark Elm
Ulmus parvifolia

A Siberian Elm/Chinese Elm base of trunk at the Waitakaruru Arboretum in Hamilton

Thumbnail by RosinaBloom
Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

These four photos of yours on this Ulmus pumila page are actually photos of Ulmus parvifolia for which there is a separate entry page.
Located here:

You can see many examples of the bark by google image searching "ulmus parvifolia bark" and you will see the major difference in the bark.

Would you like your 4 images moved to the U. parvifolia page?

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)


Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
I would surely like to have my 4 images moved to the U. parvifolia page.


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