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Pussy Willow bush cuttings

Staten Island, NY(Zone 7b)

I picked up a buch of fresh pussy willow cuttings are the supermarket. I recut them and put them in a clear plastic bottle w abit of water. It is in my front window where its alittle cool and sunny. I have to change the water today, but is this right? Some of the furries have blossomed out, so I take this as a good sign. Am I doing this right?
Thanks! Carol =^.^=__?

Clinton, IN

Sounds like you are doing just fine Good luck. Fred

Staten Island, NY(Zone 7b)

Thanks Fred!!!! :)
Carol =^.^=__?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Willows are one of the easiest shrubs / trees to take cuttings from. soon as you see all the little furry (flowers) stop opening or die off. you could stick the stems into a pot filled with Compost, (I would stick an elastic band around the stems for planting, half way up the stem, hold the bunch in the pot and fill the pot right up to the top with soil, water, drain the pot and leave in light but not hot sunshine, If required spray mist the stems, keep the soil in the pot JUST wet in no more, come spring, lift the (WHOLE bunch up free from the soil in the pot Gently, look for signs of little soft roots (white), if no roots appear or if there is roots, place back in the soil and if weather has warmed up, place outside, for a few weeks bring back indoors for cold nights, but gradually leave outside to form more roots,
When the pot is full of roots, knock the soil and bunch out of the pot, very carefully (trying not to break the roots) divide the stems into single plants, plant each one into it's own pot with nice soil as before, water and leave in coolish place with light but as yet no direct sun, OR you can make a slit in the garden soil if soil has warmed up, (place your spade into the soil a full spade or more deep) rock spade back and forward and remove the spade, add a little sand at bottom of slit IF soil is too damp, you then place each stem with roots into the slit, use your feet either side of slit and bring soil together, leave the stems to build up more roots and the following spring look to see if all have survived, place in garden or give rooted to friends, label and date IF you know the type of willow you have so you can pat yourself on the back for your care and attention to gardening.
Good luck. Weenel.

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