Bush Goliath

Austin, TX

This is my first year to plant a "bush" tomato plant. Does anyone know if I need to give it a cage to climb on or just let nature take its course?

Has anyone had luck with Bush Goliath tomatoes?



Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

I'm not exactly familiar with Bush Goliath, but the DG plantfile lists it as a 36"-48" determinate. I would think that it would be a sizeable plant. I like to stake or cage all of my tomatoes just to get them off the ground. There are two purposes here. First to stay away from ground level bugs and small animals, second to keep the central stems from breaking when the fruits get heavy.

Leaving the plants to sprawl on the ground is not a good idea for most. Even driving in an old broomstick handle and tying the stem with soft twine would help.


Austin, TX

Thanks, I'll stick a tomato cage over it when it grows a bit.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

KirkH, I grow a lot of determinates. They do need to be staked or caged. They produce very heavily so give them some good support. I started out a few years ago with the cheesy wire "cages" you can buy at the hardware store. Better Bush toppled those pretty quick. I've graduated to Florida weave (as I grow quite a few), but I think a good cattle panel cage with t-post stake or something along those lines would work great.

Good luck and have fun with your tomatoes!

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

I have grown both the Better Bush and the Bush Goliath. I think the Better Bush produced more and I just favor the better bush more over all but both were very Pretty plants. Like mini trees. My plants needed a sturdy support too and I used reinforcement wire cages.

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