Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Why is davidofdeland "judging" each album entry in the new Garden Showcase feature? Is he part of Admin and this is his job to do this? I think it is disconcerting. His comments kinda sound like someone told him to make sure everyone gets a trophy. If it were a competition, his comments might seem appropriate but since it's not...He even thanked me for doing a good job of tagging????? This sounds like he is adminstrator of the Garden Showcase. Is he? In my experience, people dont enjoy being judged. It just doesn't feel good.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

I was not aware I have been judging any albums on Garden Showcase steadycam3. Most of all my comments have been positive, well meaning and very complimentary. I have gardened far long enough to consider myself in the know of many things regarding the same,... and appreciate seeing well done work. I want everyone to feel important.

I do feel the Garden Showcase should showcase pictures of gardens;....."Where do the pretty flowers and veggie's grow in the garden?"

If complimenting you for tagging photos is an insult in your eyes,... you have interesting concepts on judgmental.

I am not administration. My name is David.; I am not 'Dave' as in 'Dave's Garden'.

Some folks do deserve trophys for their efforts and some need inspiration...

It seems as though you do not need any of the above.

Your comments are just that. If no one comments on pictures what is the point. What are discussion forums for? Are you O.K.?


You don't seem the sort to apologize for rediculous comments and I have no need for one. A simple edit of your unfounded statements would be a beginning for you,... so as not to play the fool for yourself. Edit yours and I will be happy to edit mine completely out.

People just don't like being judged. It doesn't feel good....

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Davenport, WA(Zone 6a)

Hey David -- feel free to "judge" any of my photos .... or my garden .... I'd love to see that someone is viewing my photos and enjoying em. ..... don't know what "steadycam3"'s problem is, but he/she needs to chill out ..... especially if your "judgement comment" was a nice one......I'd call that a compliment, for goodness sake.....

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)


I was just stepping away from this forum and rudely forgot to "Thank You" for the support on this issue past.....

I just checked in again for the the heck of it,... to see what was going on and looked at this old thread again.

Happy Spring Gardening!

It will only be just a couple of months more before it heads your way! The things you guy's can grow when you grow! (That we can't and of course vice-versa...)


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Davenport, WA(Zone 6a)

David -

You're right - we can grow many plants here that cannot be grown in a tropical setting (I lived 11 years in Hawaii between a 13 year stint in Western Washington and now a 9 year stint here in Eastern Washington, so I know this from experience).

Although I love this area during the summer, it is a little dry and not green enough without LOTS of help (paid-for water) for my taste. Also a bit too snowy and cold in the fall and winter. So, if my husband would go for it (haven't convinced him yet), I'd trade my 2 acres on the lake here in Washington for a nice acre with a panoramic view of ANY lakefront and surrounding residences in FLORIDA -- anyday --- and I don't even know what plants you can grow there ..... maybe tropicals like the ones in Hawaii, I suspect.

Friends tell me it is a little muggy some days but really green and lush - I'd like to get back to that someday. Miss the lush green smell in the air.



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