Jathi Malli (Jassminum grandiflorum) - not growing

Chennai, India


I have planted a Jathi Malli (Jassminum grandiflorum) in a container and placed it in my North east balcony. It does not get direct sunlight right now however from March the plant will recieve direct sunlight due change in the angle of Sun's rays..

I bought this plant from a nursery 3 months back. It looked healthy when I bought it but I do not see any growth even after 3 months. This is my third attempt to grow the plant.

Desperately need some advice.

Usha ( Tamilnadu, India)

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

As long as it looks healthy I wouldn't worry about it--plants take a little time to get their roots settled in before they start growing on top. Plants also won't necessarily grow much during the winter, and that plus the fact that it's not getting any direct sunlight now I'm not surprised that you haven't seen much from it yet.

Chennai, India

ecrane3, thanks for the response.

Should I add some fertilizer for better grow.please suggest.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I would wait until spring when it starts to get more sunshine--if it's looking healthy then it's not lack of fertilizer that's keeping it from growing. But in the spring when it's ready to start growing anyway then it's OK to fertilize it if it's been a while since it had any.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Most Jasmine like lots of sunshine, nor necessarily Full sun all day so I wonder IF sitting North West is just too cool and not enough light, also where did the Nursery have the plant positioned, maybe in October/ November time they took the amount of light needed into consideration.

I think Ecrane has hit the nail on the head so to speak, most plants do have a rest period, they can either drop all their foliage, just stop growing or don't produce any new foliage or flowers, but this does not indicate the plant is dying, it just means it's done a lot of work all summer long, putting on lots of growth AND making lots of flowers, this all used up a lot of energy so nature tells the plant to rest and build up strength for next season.

Around about March/April time I would check to see IF there is any new TINY little buds sprouting along the stems, as at this time I normally gently remove an inch/ maybe 2 inch of top soil from the pot, add some nice new compost with a little plant feed, half the strength of feed recommended on the packet, this will help give the Jasmine a boost for all the work it needs to do come summer. Also it this time I like to check how the roots are doing so, I gently knock the plant out the pot, IF the plant has got very little soil among the roots, this indicates the plant requires re-potting into a larger pot, NOT too large, maybe 2 sizes larger as this will allow the plant to grow more root to feed, and take up water as the plant grows larger, also if there is not much soil around the roots, then any water given the plant will just run right out from the pot as there is no soil left to take up the moisture when watered.
Dont let the plant sit in a saucer of water longer than an hour as this could rot the roots, soil can only take up so much water and once this has happened, the rest of the water CAN just cause roots to rot. In summer the plant will need more watering but in winter, I would just keep the soil wet enough to prevent the plant dying /shedding it's leaves etc, I'm sure your plant is fine, you have had a bad experience previously so maybe your just over reacting because the plant is not growing like you see in pictures or seen in summer when in full bloom. try relax and don't fret so much, we are supposed to enjoy our plants and there are not many gardeners who have plants in full bloom all summer AND winter.
Hope this helps you a bit, Good luck. WeeNel.

Chennai, India

Thanks for the response ecrane3 and Weenel.

The response surely helps. I will wait till march to add the compost and plant feed.

I am a beginner in gardening and trying to understand the process !!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Welcome to the world of gardening Usha, you will soon get the hang of all the basics for planting and anything you don't understand, then that's what Dave's garden is here for, there's always someone who will help to answer your question, just make sure you can relax and enjoy working with your garden / plants, it is meant to be a relaxing hobby and no one is going to come along and ask you to sit an exam / test or anything(if they did, believe me, I would fail for sure) I'm more practical than educational and that's OK too, everyone adds something to the soil / gardening on whatever scale / land they have EH. !!!!.

Have fun and take good care. WeeNel.

I have planted Jathi Malli (Jassminum grandiflorum) before one year in our garden. The amount of production of flowers is less but the growth is great with new leaves and the plant is healthy. What may be the fault in growing?. Please anyone guide me.

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