Spanish Liqorice

Melbourne, Australia

Hello all!

First post here..Wondering if anyone has grown it, basically after some specific tips -

- Has anyone grown it indoors (Hydroponic etc..)?
- Also if growing in soil, has anyone tried raising the ppm's and the ph to see if it responds differently, thus giving a larger yield?

I have some just popped up outside at the moment, and fed it a 1/4 strength dose of organic fert and added a scoop of Mycorrhizae, so far so good using this method, i intend on cloning it and trying out other methods hence the weird questions. :)


Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Welcome to DG Mr Gibson.

I grow Helichrysum petiolare in baskets and containers with mixed plantings. I find it to be a rather short-lived perennial...even with winter greenhousing the plant declines in the 3rd to 4th year. I have found it does best with pH values that are neutral to just slightly alkaline as it's native habitat is poor rocky/sandy soil.

I do not think hydroponics would suit it as it is very susceptible to root rot in wet soils and seems to prefer to dry out some between waterings. It grows well from cuttings and from seeds.I have found it responds to light, infrequent fertilization. So the 1/4 to 1/2 strength mix is best. I learned from poor experience that it does not care for regular bi-monthly use of full strength water soluble...the plant seemed to ramp up its growth and over-tax itself.... (it sorta grew itself to death) Many of the sites I have searched say to plant in rich organic soil, but to assure very sharp drainage. It is a rather drought tolerant plant and will do well in light shade to full sun.

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