Vigna Coracalla Seed Pods

Valley Springs, CA

Hi, my snail vine went nuts last year and I had a TON of seed pods... I left them on the vine until we got a freeze.. not a hard freeze, live in zone 9, Valley Springs, Ca. The leaves just turned color and fell off after a couple of days.. the seed pods were still nice and green so I picked them and brought them in my house and put them in an open box. They are now dry and brittle and break open very easily and they have large black seeds in them... How can I tell if these seeds are viable? I still have some seed pods on the vines that went up an oak tree... I will look tomorrow to see what they are doing.. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Galesburg, IL

Take a representative sample, and perform a germination test by planting them.

Lake Helen, FL

It sounds as if your snail vine has larger seeds than the local variety, but the hulls are generally quite tough. Go round the curved spine of the hull with a nail clipper and drop the seeds into a cup of boiled water cooled to bath temperature and infused with a drop of dish soap. Good seeds will soon plummet and then expand a little, and then you can plant them

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