can you sex these chooks?

north coast nsw, Australia

I was told all these chickens are girls but i know nothing about chickens and always thought only the roosters get that red bit on there face but girls get it to dont they? some of these dont have it (pic 2 & 4)and some do (pic 1, 3 & 5), are they still all girls?

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north coast nsw, Australia

these 1 & 2 im pretty sure are girls. not sure about 3 and 4 pics. Last pic is my rooster, well the only one i bought as a rooster. Im confused!

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north coast nsw, Australia

do i have to worm them or vaccinate them? what else? thanks!

Richmond, TX

Several of them seem to be Silkies, or part - the ones with black skin. I am not good at sexing them. Their hair-do tends to be more swept back if they are roosters and more over the eyes if hens. On the others, look for pointy saddle feathers which roosters but not hens have. From the pictures, I think they could all be hens.

I do not vaccinate or routinely deworm any of mine.

The main thing chickens need from their owners is solid protection from predators at night.

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I agree with Porkpal. You will know soon enough however because roosters will crow and soon after that they begin showing off to the girls.

We don't vaccinate our chickens either. We do deworm them once a year though.

Make sure they have a source of calcium such as crushed oyster shells or crushed egg shells.

north coast nsw, Australia

Whats everyone think about the sex of these chooks now. I think these ones are roosters. The have the red bit and alot of my others dont have that? even though i have a few full grown girls that are a different breed and they do have it(see photo 4 the black hen in the background). They also have 2 toes at the back of there foot(see in 1st photo) and the ones im sure are the girls dont have this? these ones have a sticking up tail and the girl ones dont?
That 2nd photo im sure ive heard it crow but i cant be sure, it looks least like a rooster out of them all. It could have been another one that crowed though.
Any help would be appreciated as i'll have to try to give the boys away or else kill them.

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#2 is the only one that looks like a rooster to me: larger wattles and longer tail feathers. None of them have the classic rooster saddle feathers. What breed are they? Dorkings all have an extra toe.

north coast nsw, Australia

Thanks! Hopefully it is the only rooster then. all i know is that there silkie x, someone did say they look like silkie x bantum but im not completely sure. I looked up Dorking and ill have to check them out but maybe they are silkie x Dorking. Only some have the 5 toes so some much have through back to silkie and some not.

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Richmond, TX

Their Silkie heritage may also confuse their feathering, so I may not be very helpful.

north coast nsw, Australia

porkpal- your right this one is a rooster, it crowed this morning for the 1st time. Hopefully none of the others do.
2. This is the one i bought as a rooster, he hasnt crowed yet, hopefully he doesnt and his a girl. hehe! He does look like a rooster though but they all do to me. I only want one rooster.

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Richmond, TX

#2 is very colorful for a hen...

north coast nsw, Australia

0www so i have 2 roosters, as long as no more are then.

north coast nsw, Australia

the 4 of those chickens in my post 9454025 are roosters. Dam! what are the chances that i buy 9 chooks and 5 are roosters. Im only left with 4 chickens. not fair. Last time i buy unknown sex chickens. I did have a feeling these looked like roosters with that red bit on there face while the others didnt have it yet.

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somewhere, PA

If you got 4 hens out of 9 straight run, that's not bad from my experience. I suspect they pull out the pullets and sell the rest as "straight run".

I had a batch of 7 chicks this winter and 5 were roos.

Richmond, TX

Hey, I once bought 6 Jersey Giant pullets and got 4 Minorca hens and 2 Minorca roosters! - and two of the pullets flew over the fence and fed themselves to the dogs before I realized they were not (non-flying) Jersey Giants.

north coast nsw, Australia

nah. i bought mine from a back yard breeder and she was positive they were all hens but as they got older they started to crow. hehe! i didnt pay much so i just got rid of them.
I bought a chook, it flew out so i caught it and clipped its wing and it can still fly so i clipped its other wing. weird!

(Zone 6b)

These araucana babies can jump several feet high even at two weeks old. That was new for me, as silkies can't fly and can't jump very high. Araucanas are FAST too, like little quail. No way could I catch them!

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