pruning roses

West Monroe, LA(Zone 8a)

I'm in zone 8 north louisiana and for over 25 yrs I cut back my roses starting on presidents day. Thenthis year after a 4 yr house bound illness I'm finally physically able to get back into myrose garden. YEAH!!! Now I read in louisiana gardener that you should have your roses cut back by Valentimes day. I've been working at it, but no way. We are talking 100 roses with no care for 4 yrs. I spent 4 hrs today battling a mix of baby blanket roses and throny brambles. My sweet Penny ( mini dachsund) got so tangled she begged to come in. Only got thru 2! That brings the count up to 37 in 2 wks.( lots of rain) So did theychange when to prune due to globel warming or what? My town got changed from 8a to 8 b.anyone else chane when they prune?

Richmond, TX

I actually don't prune my roses at all, but I don't think it is that critical when you do it except for once-bloomers which should be cut back only after they bloom each year. The garden gurus in Houston say Valentines day too.

Belton, TX

I have been convinced for years that the idea of prunning on Valentine's Day is somehow tied to marketing! Too much depends on the kind of rose...

As usual, give good advice. I have and raise more than 150 different rose species and prune none on Valentine's Day...I usually prune the Old Garden Roses in the fall and the perpetual bloomers when I want to bring cut flowers into the house -- usually the winter!...

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

in the past two years I have been pruning my roses earlier in January.
I had no choice, because the bulbs and perennials I planted around the roses are popping out and blooming at least one month earlier in the past two years.
I have seen no difference on how my roses are performing.

West Monroe, LA(Zone 8a)

THANKS everyone. I'm just doing as many as I can every dry day we have. I spent today prunimg out dead growth on minis and transplantimg them to new homes. Do to physical li,mitations I'm taking out beds at the end of my 200' driveway. Am also reverting large beds im center of back yard to grass. My son has helped me with digging up and movimg large roses after I trim them. It has been so hard to stick to pruning task when so much else needs doing as well. But as my son says " Mom, the garden isn't going any where we will get it done."

Warrenton, VA

Here in Virginia, a good time to prune is when the Forsythia bloom. But I got that itchy pruning finger, and had at 'em a month before. I have Heritage roses. They are sending out growth just beautifully! Sure wish I could stash some climbers in amongst them..but there is NO ROOM.

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