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Old Step stool

My husband brought me an old step stool, with a wet seat and so rusty I thought there was no hope for it.
It was found in the woods.Thru out time it got ugly with the weather. I had to peel off the seat material,
it was really nasty. That left the wooden seat that I washed and bleached and dried in the sun for several days,
it did look a lot better.My husband sanded it, and spray painted it for me.Then I recovered the seat, it was to easy.
We now have an extra seat for a child to sit on at the table. Any time you see something lie this just turn it upside
down to make sure the whole seat comes off, saving the cover (your Pattern) for new seat. This was so much fun ,
that covered my dining room chairs. lol

ps, if the item has been outside watch that water does not pour out on it out side

Thumbnail by flapjacks
Newark, DE

Reminds me of one from my childhood that I would stand on to help Mom do the dishes. Her's was yellow and the steps folded back into itself leaving a stool with a back.

Always keep your eyes open - you never know what you'll find. Just the other day at a shopping center, I found a gold bracelet in the parking lot. I always look down as I walk. It made my day!! (and worth something too!)


Hi Debbie, this was a joy to do The steps do fold, but don't make a backside.
I think I might have had it turned wrong though.
I dislike the writeing that was put on over my stool, you can't see much of the stool.
Sherry -

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