OVRG#197 Spring around the corner???

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Hello defoecat,
Thank you so much I will watch for the thread.
I have many daylilies as well, maybe will have each others wants and trade.
I have had some luck with my son. I grow milkweed and we bring some caterpillars in and save them from my many other garden friends that may eat them. We have raised over fifty and only lost one. We release after wings dry well.
I showed him some daylilies with names with shark's tooth and Crocodile eyes. It Might work out when he's older.

Thank You again for yoour help and kindness.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Hello celene, Did you have to beg you husband to go? My husband was dragged to Oakes Dalily Festival one year.
He complained the whole time. I couldn't even walk the garden for him dragging me to the car. He did let me get my free one at least. I don't mind to come alone or with my son.

Columbus, OH

My husband likes to go, he's far more social than I am. He's one of those guys who can talk to anyone, anywhere, any time.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Don't think we've started thinking about Round up yet, but we will have to, soon!

Welcome Taylordaylily! I am your neighbor to the north. Franklin. Always good to hear of newbies!

Happy belated birthday Taylor!

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Just got a call and JOHNJOHN HAS BEEN FOUND. Now all we need to do is plan a trip to go pick him up. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

Waddy, KY

Whew, took a while to read all the posts. You all have been busy!

Washing machines. I had a Maytag for 25 or more years and loved it to death. That sucker could wash clothes like nobody's business. Got another top loader, heavy duty because we get clothes really DIRTY here and it's the biggest piece of junk I've had in quite some time. I don't think it could get clean clothes dirty. The work clothes look horrible. Thank goodness they're just going back to the barn to get dirty again.

Welcome Taylordaylily. I'm Janet and I'm not too far from Bonnie, Defoecat. I've got a few daylilies too. I'm rather proud of myself, so far I don't have any new ones coming in this year. Maybe I can keep it that way but Curt Hanson's new catalog came this past week and that's never good.

One of the Louisville markets started back today and it was a fantastic day. Kate outdid herself. Which was good because the Lexington market was less than stellar. On well, time to get back in the harness.

Seeding more tomatoes and peppers. Somehow mine froze again the other day. Disgusted is what I was. Try to get a jump on things and you just get further behind., I do have some lettuces coming up to transplant as well as some spinach and Swiss chard. The onions are sitting in the shop still cooling their heels until the ground dries out.

I think it's time for bed. 4:30 was early enough this morning and I've spent the evening wrestling an ewe that didn't want to take her lambs.


New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hey everyone!!
Well...I managed to get Dave to help move the dryer out...clear out of that little room even! That was a big help. I was able to then move the washer forward enough to clean both under it and where the dryer had been. Everything was filthy..shhhh...dont tell anyone. I found out that room is 6' x 5 1/2 '...so a little larger than i first said...hahahaa...big difference huh!!
Anyway..i was able to run the vaccum there...scrub the floor and walls..so everything was very clean for the delivery guys! We did all this the night before! Isn't it amazing what you can do when you HAVE to????
Let me explain a bit: My kitchen and utility room floors are wood...poplar, and unfinished. We had squares of carpet, turned upsidedown under the legs of each appliance so they would easily move.
Buttttt...in this small space..there is also a sink and a toilet. So it's very tight in there. But thanks to those carpet squares, he was able to take the dryer clear to the back door. That gave me just enough room to work in there and get it all cleaned.
So far..I like the new set...still learning to use it. It's quite different that the old ones were..in the way it operates. It has a sensor on the washer..as to how long it washes the clothes...depends on how dirty they are...arent computers great??
I was used to setting the minutes on my other one. There are no minute settings on this one...so that is kinda weird. And it is sooo quiet!
I think i am gonna like it!
Hi Taylordaylily...nice to meet you! I am Marcy...and I live NW of Dayton..originally from Bellbrook though. The roundups are so much fun..you will love it!
Sorry I wont get to come this year if its Memorial day weekend though. My sister in law is moving to New York City. She is selling out her farm in SW Ohio...and moving to be with her son and grandson. My brother passed away a little over a yr ago. Anyway...she wants us all to get together one last time before she moves away. We may never get the chance to see her again...who knows?
Ok..here's a pic of my new appliances. Not fancy.

Thumbnail by Marcy_1
Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Have fun with your new work horses. They look just like ours. They work great!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Marcy, glad that you had the opportunity to clean good before the new ones were delivered. Appliances are so much different than they used to be, but probably for the better.

We have had snow on and off all day. Not much on the ground, but the wind kicked up about 6:00 and it is really chilly out there.

My grandad used to say that potatoes need to be planted on Good Friday, but it doesn't look like that will happen this year.

Waddy, KY

All the trucks and cars are covered with snow. At six when I went to the barn this morning the gravel on the drive was covered but the roads were clear.

Last ewe has lambed. There's one that I don't think is bred. I think she was too young. She'll get one more chance this coming spring. I'm hoping she'll settle bacause she is a nice friendly little ewe and basically her stomach leads the herd anywhere.

Isn't it funny how much dirt collects under stuff that you don't want to move very often? But any time that big stuff is pulled out I try to make darned sure that it's clean before it goes back.

Used to be around here that St. Patrick's day was when you wanted to plant potatoes. I'm afraid if they'd been in the ground and not hilled up pretty good they'd have froze this year. As it is, the ground is so cold that I'm afraid they'd have rotted. Same with the peas. I guess I'll just be waiting until things are ready. At least the fellow that has grown my broccoli and cabbage hasn't been after me to come get my plants. I figure that with the lack of sun his plants haven't been growing fast either. One of these days the sun will shine and the ground will dry out.

I usually fix Easter dinner. I think this year I'm going to try to convince my parents to let me come down there and cook it so they don't have to try to get into my house. It's on an incline which is super wet and slick right now and there's no way they can safely get to the step and through the door.

Better get moving. I'm almost done with the taxes and DH wants them done today. No matter that he hasn't finished his part....

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi Everybody, Had a crazy weekend! The TV in the family room went out Friday. We found out shopping around on line that our printer was broke as well. The printer was a lot easier on the budget at least. On the bright side now we have the flat screen my husband wanted.
Hi Janet nice to meet (blog) with you. I have bought enough for a few of us this year. I have more than 65 coming. I have never ordered that many in one year. I'm trying to get my 7 year old son into flowers. He likes to check on and feed the spiders in my garden. We live in the country and have a lot of nature around us.
I have had enough of this cold and snow. I have a lot of holes to get ready. My son will help with the digging in the dirt. He adds to the fun anyway.
I had better get going have a few things to so before I pick up my son from school. Hope everybody has a blessed day and can keep warm.

Columbus, OH

Just froze 6 pints of old-school tomato sauce with beef for spaghetti. My husband is so sad, he loves that sauce but ate Rally's for lunch and it shockingly made him queasy. That is such an easy dinner, I just leave the container on the counter to thaw, and DH can come home and cook some pasta and have dinner. Or a sandwich, if you cook it down a little bit--I guess that makes them "Sloppy Guiseppis."

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Celene that sounds really good. I did an inventory about 2 weeks ago of all my canned goods, and I thought I only had about 4 pints of the roasted tomato sauce left. But no, found another box of it, so am good until the tomatoes come in this summer.

Surprisingly, I will not have to do much canning this year. Thought I was about out of green beans, but have several jars of them too.

I am hoping that when April gets here that the weather wills start warming up, and that I can get out and get some things started.

Janet, do you think that you all are going to be doing sheep all the time now? How is the meat going at market? Or have you slaughtered one and tried it? I have never eaten lamb, so have no experinece at all. I do notice in the grocery that it seems to be very expensive. Want to try lunch maybe the first week of April? I know if the weather is good, we both will probably be busy, but I do want to enjoy a lunch before things get so crazy busy.

Pat, you are pretty quiet. Have you lost your mind with all the snow that we have been having? Hope you and DS and the dog are doing well.

Taylordaylily, wow 65 new DL's to plant this spring. You probably don't need anything that I have. I haven't bought any this year, but do need to dig and divide lots of the others. Hope your DS gets interested in gardening and helps you out lots this spring/summer.

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Hello from Lexington, KY! I just figured out what region I'm in and would love to be included in the forum. I've been a DG member for awhile. Do both veggies and flowers-annuals and perrenials. Have worked full-time for a company with "Ideal" in the name for over 11 yrs-bookkeeper-hence my user name. I'm far from ideal most of the time! I'm wondering if anyone has jumped the gun and planted anything outside yet. I planted a bunch of potatoes a couple of Saturdays ago when it was 67 degrees outside. The next night it went down to 16!!! I had a several replies to my posts about it saying they're probably fine. I'd like to plant lettuce, but I'm scared to. Has anyone else planted anything outside?

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Hi Idealpeggy, not planted anything outside here yet. I am about 40 miles from Lexington, about half way inbetween Louisville and Lexington. Good to see you dropping by, and hope that you will become a regular poster here.

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Thank you defoecat! Glad to be part of y'all! I post more than I should actually, but I have a very boring job most days! Shame on me, but it's that or stare at the 4 walls. I'm going NUTS right now not being able to get outside. I've got my whole mud room full of seedlings-tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and herbs-and getting ready to pot-up. Bill Meck (Channel 18-do you know of him?) said we're going to have at LEAST 15 more days of this awful weather. But if you know him, he tends to exaggerate. I sure hope he's wrong!! I want Spring-NOW!!!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi Peggy, welcome. Still too cold for us here in the Dayton area to be planting outside. Then again, I wouldn't be planting anything now anyway!

Waddy, KY

Welcome Peggy, be glad to have you here.

Bons, I have a skin doctor appt in Lexington on the third. Reckon we could meet in Frankfort around noon? One of these days it's going to dry out around here and all you know what is going to break out. Lexington Home and Garden show is next week and then two markets start in earnest the weekend of the 13th.

Potatoes aren't in the ground yet but there's probably 200 pounds sitting in the basement. Half of them need to be cut and the rest are some left over from last year that I'll probably plant whole. I've got some flats of lettuce, spinach and swiss chard in the little greenhouse to plant outside when it finally dries out. Lettuce and Swiss chard can't take super cold temps but and take light frosts. If your lettuce comes up and it's calling for extremely cold you can take some remay out and cover it. That should offer 3-6 degrees of protection depending on how much the wind's blowing.

Went out this morning and there was a dead heifer in the barn. Appears that she'd laid down to calve and got her back down a little 4 inch dip in the barn and couldn't get back up and bloated. DH didn't look close as it was dark in the barn and just figured that we lost the cow and calf but when he went up to get the cow for the dead animal truck to pick it up he found an untagged calf in with the rest of the calves. We think the other cows must have licked it off by the way it looked. I don't know if one of them also let it nurse or not. He's in the basement now and polished off a half gallon of colostrum and is ready for a nap. At least not all was lost.

Better get moving if I'm going to get anything accomplished today. I'd like to move some sheep fence and get the ewes with lambs a little more room to run during the day,.

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the welcomes girls! Kydaylilylady, I would love to meet you for lunch, but as I say, I work full-time. I can't even get together in Lex. for lunch 'cause I only get 1/2 hr. :( It must be so much fun to farm and all. You make me SO jealous. I would have a hard time with the livestock/death issue though. If I had animals, I would have them all named. When I retire, if I ever get to, I would love to have some chickens and a goat. My hubby says "no" on the goat, but I think the little miniature ones are so cute. A cow would be the ultimate, but I don't think I would get by with that in my backyard :)) Good luck with the new baby calf!! Aw.w.w!!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, checked by calendar, and the 3rd is fine. So we will plan on it, cause I know when it dries up and the weather warms up you will be zooming by at 100 mph! Chinese place okay by you? If so 12:00 noon it is on the 3rd.

Just back from the grocery, took the Amish woman with me so that she could get groceries, and she is super nice. First time I had met her, but DH met the whole family last weekend.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Taylor and Ideal...I drop by this forum occasionally because I know some of these folks even though I do not live in the general geographic area. However, it's always fun to see new people join in, so here's a hearty welcome!

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Darius, thank you! Where DO you live, if you don't mind my asking? My oldest daughter lives in Sevierville-not sure how "Southern" you are. And please call me Peggy!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Peggy, I'm probably about 2.5-3 hours north of Sevierville if you follow along I-81. Sevierville is lovely country; I'm a bit in the more rugged mountain area, about 40 miles north of the TN/VA line.

Being "Southern" is a loose term in my family. I grew up all over everyplace south of the Mason-Dixon line, with various and sundry relatives. Somehow I missed living in KY although I've driven through, and often stayed with friends there after I became an adult.

I started learning to make cheese a couple of years ago, and have marked a few artisan cheese-making places in KY I want to visit, health and money permitting.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Hello Everybody, Welcome Peggy! I'm new to Dave's and this forum. I have not planted anything outside yet. I 'm ready whenever mother nature warms up.

Defoecat, Yes I went crazy, I found the daylily auction after I had already ordered from Oakes. I love Oakes I order from them every year. I also drag my family to Corryton to their festival in June when I can. I love to go to their daylily festival. It's always in June and always a good time. They give a free daylily to every guest and have many at sale prices. I love to walk around their garden and build my wish list. However, this year I have already spent to much on my garden and will not be going this year. I found some great deals on the lily auction and had a lot of fun. My DH will help out for a birthday gift. My birthday is in April so I ask for help in the garden in place of gifts. This year I may have to ask a few other family members to help out. I have never bought so many plants at one time. Maybe I will have some daylilies to share with you in a year or so.

Janet, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your cow. What a blessing that the calf made it. I would love to have farm animals. We live in the country, just do not have the land. We have just under a acre. We have two dogs and a lot of wildlife.
I better get going. God bless to all and have a great day.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

That daylily auction site can be deadly, so watch out. Hadn't thought of asking for a day's labor for my birthday, maybe I will try that this year!

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

I started learning to make cheese a couple of years ago, and have marked a few artisan cheese-making places in KY I want to visit, health and money permitting.[/quote]

I would be interested in those! Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver? She's an author from Ky.-really funny & entertaining. My daughter had to read it for her freshman year at Transy. There's a chapter in there about cheese making. It sounds fairly easy. . .is that correct? I would love to get into that at some point. That's where I got the idea about raising chickens too :)

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi Taylordaylily, welcome to you too, looks like we're both newbies! A daylily auction-hoe cool is that! My husband is a Realtor/Auctioneer.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Peggy, Barbara Kingsolver and her husband live about 25 miles from me. He owns Harvest Table, a locavore restaurant. http://www.meadowviewfarmersguild.com/HarvestTable.html. They are both pretty active in the local food movement.

Making cheese is pretty easy, but getting good milk is not. The best aged cheese comes from raw milk that still has all the natural enzymes, and of course the gov't doesn't allow the sale of it in most places. I make a bit of fresh soft cheese like cream cheese, feta, mozzarella, ricotta, and a few semi-hard (cheddar-like) that are ready to eat in 30-60 days, mostly from pasteurized milk or fresh goat milk.

I have a harder time with aged cheese because it's hard to control the humidity in my rudimentary cheese cave, which is an old fridge in the root cellar.

Waddy, KY

Peggy, I'd be vary cautious of ever being envious of a farmer. It looks pretty warm and fuzzy in the pictures when the sun is shining on the little black calves stretched out sunning themselves in the field but it isn't very pretty when you have one in the chute, holding him down while you're castrating him or trying to shove the vagina back in an ewe that's trying to prolapse in 15 degree weather. . Going to farmer's market in clean clothes with a smile on your face doesn't reflect the 6 days you spent before in 95 degree weather picking, planting, hoeing, sweating, cursing and mumbling while the sweat runs in your eyes and your underwear is sopping wet from sweat. Or it hasn't rained in a month and you're dragging wet soaker hoses all through 2 acres of garden praying that that little cloud that's building in the west doesn't swing to the north and go around you. Don't get me wrong; most of the time I enjoy every bit of it but most folks only see the pretty side of farming and not the dark side.

You can easily spend a couple thousand dollars on the Lily Auction if you let yourself. So far this year I've only bid on 3 and fortunately I didn't get them. Right now money is tight and I should have never bid on them in the first place. What I need more is some dry weather. So far the onions seem to be holding their own in the shop. The tops look a little rough but the roots still appear to be fine. I think I'm going to go ahead and no-till them in the slabbed ground if I can't get it worked sometime this week. Kate's on spring break so maybe we can get both boxes in the ground and be that much further ahead. If I think about how far behind I am all I do is get in a bad mood so I might as well forget it and get moving.

Darius, I really wish I could get a cow. Almost bought a senior yearling back last fall but wasn't sure she was bred and wasn't going to drop $1200 unless she was preg checked. She was bred but when I checked on the production records on the dam I decided she wasn't worth the money and besides, though I might not have a problem keeping her milked during the week the weekends with leaving out for market at 6:00 and no one being able to milk her that would pose a very serious problem and I know my SIL, though she is a wonderful woman, is NOT going to milk her for me two mornings a week.

Better get going. Got to finish the baking, get to town for groceries and get what kale there is at my parents picked and ready for tomorrow.

Later everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

When Janet your schedule has already made me tired. I cleaned and did laundry yesterday and was in bed at 9:30pm last night. On top of that my back was killing me, so it was a 3 pain pill day for me.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Hello Everybody,
Kydaylilylady, You sound like a very busy and strong woman. You remind me of my Aunt , she has a pig farm and is always trying to get by. It's a hard life to be a farmer, and in this time it's even harder. I wish you luck with your farm this year. Stay strong and keep your chin up no matter how heavy it may get.
You are all right about the Lily auction. I have learned my lesson. I found some great deals and now I am going to stay away.
My son is on Spring break starting today. I am hoping that we can get outside today. I have things I still need to get cut back. I leave alot of my garden stand in the winter for wildlife. I only clean up my Iris and peony in the fall.

Peggy & Darius, How great is that you both make cheese. I love cheese, had never thought about trying to make it. Maybe someday I will have to give it a try. Was it hard when you first started? Hope you don't mind my asking.

Well I better get going I have to get my house cleaned. I have family coming in for Easter. I love to have everybody together. I hope everybody has a blessed Easter!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

If anyone is really interested in making cheese, here are a couple of excellent links:

and here's an easy recipe... although NOT a real cheese as we think of them, it's fabulous and a good place to start learning.


Crème fraiche is sheer ambrosia, as far as I am concerned. It should be in every cook’s refrigerator all the time — it has more body and flavor than “regular” cream. It thickens sauces without curdling, and a little goes a long way! You can make quick fabulous sauce by mixing in some minced fresh herbs and a spoonful of fresh lemon juice or zest, great over fish or chicken. Or serve it with fresh fruit or on cake, or whip and slightly sweeten it to use in frostings or to top your pumpkin pie.

You can buy crème fraiche at some stores, but making your own with cream and buttermilk gives you a product that cannot be beat at any price. Once you make it, it holds in the refrigerator for weeks.

2 cups fresh heavy cream, NOT ultra-pasteurized
4 tablespoons buttermilk

Stir the cream and buttermilk in a medium saucepan over low heat and gently heat to warm, about 85°F. No warmer, or you kill the bacteria that you need to make the crème, so use a thermometer; it gets to 85 faster than you think it will.

Pour the warm crème into a clean jar or bowl and cover with a clean towel. Let it sit on the counter for 24 hours. Holds in the fridge for weeks. Makes 2 cups.

Columbus, OH

I love creme fraiche more than I should :)

I know this should be in a RU thread, but we don't have one yet and I'm weeding. Does anyone want Egyptian walking onions? I will probably have a couple or three pots of them that I have to dig out.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I do, I do! But... I cannot make the RU this year. sob.

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Darius, how cool that you are within driving distance of the Kingsolver's restaurant!!! Do you go sometimes? Also, thanks for posting that recipe. That sounds heavenly-but fattening!
Janet, thanks for the advice. I'm sure farming is not glamorous-very hard work, I'm sure! My grandparents had a farm when I was growing up-in Illinois-but I only got to go a couple times/yr. Grandpa had cows, pigs and chickens. He let me help him milk the cows-some of the happiest memories of my life.
Anyone-what is the RU?

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

It is a real life meeting in a picnic type setting. We gather for a potluck lunch, and a plant swap and to just talk and catch up from year to year. A great way to get to know folks.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hi huggs everyone!!
Sorry I havent been here for a bit. Got caught up in every day life i guess!
Hi Peggy..nice to meet you. I'm Marcy from NW of Dayton..near the Indiana border.
And Taylor welcome to you too. Nice to meet you both!
Starting to love my new washer/dryer...lol...well..as much as you can love appliances!
Joyce...good to see you post too!
And Darius too!
Nothing new here...just waiting on the weather to break. The "man" says cold today..and then we start the warm up...hope he is right!!!! Like the rest of you...I am sooo ready!
Ok...be back soon...lunchtime!!!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Just back from the nursing home, had a really good visit there with folks. DH called me on the way home and wanted me to stop by Southern States to get some onions and peas, and some cabbage and broccoli, probably tomorrow will be planting some garden. Whoopee, hope that the weather holds and it doesn't get cold again. Today is to be in the upper 50's so spring finally made it's arrival.

Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the welcome Marcy! I'm glad I found you all. Everyone is so friendly & nice!
I'm thinkin' maybe RU stands for Round-Up-?? Where do you usually have it? Sounds fun!
It's still pretty danged cold here, but at least it quit that infernal raining, snowing, blowing crap. Just to be sunny is nice. We've sure gotten cheated out of our Spring so far, but just heard it's supposed to get in the 70's next week!!! I'm planting some lettuce, that's for sure! May have to end up covering it, but I'm planting some lettuce!!!

Waddy, KY

Ok Bonnie, I think I need to bail on our dinner date tomorrow. I think ground is going to work maybe this afternoon and if it does seeds are going to start flying everywhere. I told DH to get the fertilizer for the onions and also pick up some for the asparagus and blackberries. I might even run up there this afternoon and fertilize those and get that out of the way. I got 50 pounds of potato seed cut yesterday and have another 50 to go. I imagine my cabbage is ready to go. The guy hasn't called me yet but I can't see how it's not. I probably need to drop him a line.

Got the home and garden show this weekend. Thursday through Sunday. That sort of screws up the routine because it makes for late nights getting home but since we need the cash I think we'll darned well be there.

Marcy, glad the washer and dryer are working right. Nothing worse than getting something new and not liking it after you've used it a while.

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